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OAK ISLAND, NC (TMZ.COM) – Just weeks after beating the crap out of another girl … “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans slipped into her bikini yesterday and got right back into ANOTHER dangerous situation at a local beach – reports TMZ.com.

19-year-old Evans — who’s currently on probation stemming from a drug-related conviction — was surrounded by beer and beer drinkers at Yaupon Pier in North Carolina Thursday.

Jenelle’s lawyer insists the MTV star DID NOT engage in any illegal alcohol consumption — but for someone who’s already on thin ice with the law … and who has a child … putting herself in the midst of temptation is one heck of a risk.


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  • bejesus

    obviously MTV is just using TMZ to promote this television show.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …to skip over them?

    Sounds like a total lack of self-discipline, to me.

  • Guest Annoyed Viewer

    Once again, WWAY runs a story attributed to TMZ. Yet, WWAY hates being called a tabloid? The source of this story is a leading celebrtity gossip/tabloid news source in the U.S. If you would keep these types of stories segregated into an “entertainment” section of your website, I would greatly appreciate it.

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