Cars get clean and go green with rain water


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — There are now some clean, green cars rolling through the streets of Wilmington. Cape Fear Rain Water Harvesting used rain water collected off their roof to wash cars for free on Saturday.

All donations went to the Wilmington-Cape Fear Homebuilders Association’s Green Council, which educates the public on ways to make a home more green.

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Rain Water Harvesting Manager Brendan Barry said we’re losing water, and using rainwater for things like washing cars and pets is a way to conserve water and energy; and going green is easy.

“Rain barrels are a great start,” Barry said. “We refer to them around here as the gateway drug. Once people see how fast a 55 gallon rain barrel fills up, they start to realize how much water they can actually conserve.”

Barry said the average three-bedroom home sheds about 1,000 gallons of water after a one-inch rain.

He added that collecting water off homes helps to keep contamination down because if that water never touches the ground, it can’t pick up pet waste and other chemicals.