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AMMON, NC (WWAY) — There were tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms throughout Bladen County again today. In Ammon, where storms a couple weeks ago killed three people, the day was particularly tense.

The evidence of complete destruction lines the sides of Old Fayetteville Road in Ammon. Some residents say this is the worst severe weather season they’ve ever seen, and the thought of more storms is terrifying.

“It’s crazy. It’s scary. It’s crazy. It makes everybody nervous,” said Leonard Mason, owner of Ammon Grocery and Grill. “A lot of the older people are really nervous.”

Mason said his shop is pretty much the center of town. Residents call in to see what’s going on weatherwise and to let them know if any parts of town have seen severe weather.

William Kersey works right across the street as a volunteer firefighter. He’s worked with the worst of the damage. He said although it’s scary, he has a job to do.

“We’re here to protect our community, and we do what we have to do to keep them safe by letting them know the information that is delivered from our county management and from the news and the stuff we see on the TV,” Kersey said.

Kersey and other community members gathered in the Ammon Grill to monitor the storms and wait for them to pass.

“My cook, she was freaking out because of her kids and stuff being at home,” Mason said. “Everybody’s scared to death of them. You just don’t know when. You don’t know anything about them. They’re not predictable, so, yeah, everybody’s scared about them.”

Kersey said, “Yes, you are nervous, but you have to stay strong and help the ones that need it, and just basically pray.”

Both men said community members are close knit and always help each other in times of need.

There were reports of what are believed to be multiple tornado touchdowns throughout Bladen County. National Weather Service storm survey teams will assess damage soon, and we will keep you updated.


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