Fayetteville police search more blacks than whites


    FAYETTEVILLE, NC (AP) — Fayetteville police stop and search
    black drivers more often than white drivers.

    The Fayetteville Observer reported Sunday that an analysis of
    63,000 traffic stop records from 2009 and 2010 showed that black
    drivers accounted for three out of four searches made by police
    during traffic stops.

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    Police Chief Tom Bergamine says his officers are not doing
    anything improper, but Bergamine has called for a federal review of
    his department. The chief also wants to cameras installed in police
    cars and is requiring officers to better document why they conduct

    The newspaper’s analysis showed that black drivers made up 58
    percent of all traffic stops, but are less than half the city’s

    Critics say police should stop conducting consent searches if
    they can’t better explain the reasons for them.

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