Commercial fishermen gather in Burgaw to protest game-fish bill


BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — Commercial fishermen gathered in Burgaw today to protest a bill that would keep them from catching certain types of fish.

The state proposed a bill that would outlaw the catching and selling of red drum, striped bass and spotted sea trout by commercial fishermen. The fish would then be known as “coastal game fish.”

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Pender County Commissioners originally voted to oppose the bill, but were reconsidering it at Monday’s meeting. Commercial and recreational fishermen came out to voice their opinions.

About 35 employees of Atlantic Seafood lined their trucks up to show how upset they were about the bill.

“On one hand, you’re going to be taking away from someone who is trying to provide for their family,” said Joseph Smith, an employee at Atlantic Seafood. “It just doesn’t make sense for somebody to go out there and have three species to their selves for a hobby.”

Pender County Commissioners stood by their original decision to oppose the proposed state bill.