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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Bar Association came together today to discuss District Attorney Jon David and the controversial StreetSafe program he would like to use.

David tried to set up a program in Brunswick County using StreetSafe. It works with young people who have had brushes with the law in their cars and SUV’s. However, Judge Jerry Jolly issued an administrative order stopping David from using the program, because he contends David was “running a scheme” by sending business to StreetSmart. The program director had given David’s campaign less than $250 last year.

When we tried attending the meeting, we were escorted out by a sheriff’s deputy and told it was “private meeting.” When we followed up, we were told that Brunswick County Judge Ola Lewis had requested security for the meeting to keep anyone from coming in.

We called Judge Lewis and reminded her that the Bar Association was meeting in a public building (the courthouse) and using tax-payer resources (sheriff’s deputies) to run security for the meeting, therefore it should be open to the media and public in general. She said they always had their meetings there, and even though it didn’t look good, said the meeting should be closed.

After the meeting, the Bar Association released a copy of a resolution it passed lauding Jolly “for his distinguished public service and his many valuable contributions to our local Judicial System.”

David has written Jolly a letter requesting he apologize for the language of his order.

County Attorney Huey Marshall, who also serves as the Bar Association’s Secretary/Treasurer, said the group has used the courthouse for its private meetings for years. He said private groups often use public facilities, including families having picnics in county parks. When asked if the Bar Association would reimburse the county for the use of a deputy, Marshall said he did not know about the deputy. He also said he does not know if the current county commissioners, who he conceded would need to give permission to use the courthouse for a private meeting, knew about the Bar Association’s private meetings there.


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  • Sharon

    You are so funny-you say they are hard working and sworn to uphold the law-are you getting paid to be like them too? They make their own rules-they can get away with anything in this world and have been doing it for a VERY LONG TIME!! Unless you are in our shoes-you better get a reality check! I wish to God it was like television-I bet we would all hire the TV SHOWS–maybe even eat popcorn by the side of the road watching the SYSTEM FALL!! WWAY is not scared to report the stupid things that your so called hard working friends are doing. There are good ones there and everywhere but with money you could buy anyone to look the other way!

  • Guest2020

    “Is working the case behind the scenes so that attorneys know what is going to happen before they ever get into court ok?”

    I cannot speak to all of the things you talk about, but this particular question you post speaks of a thing called case management, which is something that goes on all across the state. It is where the judge, the DA’s office and the attorneys meet to see if there is an amicable arrangement that can be made to mete out justice. This is a way that helps to free up time in the courts and this in turn cuts down the cost to the taxpayer.

  • Bill White

    Well I have worked in and around the court system for the last twenty years as well. Most of my time has been in District 13, that is to say, before RC, Tyler and Rhone Sasser divided it into “a & b.” Perhaps you were not privy to nor did the “boys” include you in the numerous meetings. I speak of those that happen on the golf course or at the judges’ homes or on the telephone at 11 pm. It goes on. Believe you me, it happens. Justice is driven, tweaked and held hostage by a few white haired old men. The transition team seems to be some women also. The good old boys no longer wear pointed hoods but are clean cut, tie and dress wearing black and white thugs that you claim are “above reproach.”
    Is throwing a case ok?
    Is working the case behind the scenes so that attorneys know what is going to happen before they ever get into court ok?
    Is covering for a child molester ok?
    Is dividing a district so that one could create an office just to stay in power ok?
    I could say more but you may actually be true. Perhaps you were kept outside of the box. Open your eyes. But then again, you could be “one of them.”

  • reggie

    wway is 100% right

  • Guest757

    The bottom line is that this program works and works VERY well. It has been used in other counties and not just New Hanover. It frees up the court system so they can do there jobs too.

    All this is is Jolly still upset that Rex is gone and so is the “Good Ole Boy” network.

    Lets see if I have this right,during the Presidental election change was supposed to be good. But not at local levels ???

    All I can say that if something has been proven to work and well, we should give it a try..

  • SMH

    Having been a part of the legal community in Brunswick County for over twelve years, I think it’s hilarious that so many people seem to think there are actually all kinds of shady and nefarious dealings going on. The judges, DAs and attorneys are, by and large, hard working men and women who believe in the system they are sworn to uphold, and just trying to make a living at the job they trained long and hard to do. They don’t have time for the kinds of shenanigans you seem to think they are up to. All of you who think there are back-door deals and sneaky pay-outs happening have been watching WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much television. This isn’t “Law and Order” people, it’s real life, and real people trying to do their real jobs.

    WWAY, your reporting is no better than a newspaper tabloid. “Blowing Smoke Up Judge Jolly’s Robe?????” TACKY and TASTELESS. Have a little integrity.


    I agree whole heartedly. All about himself and wanting people to think that he’s God himself!
    And because of past political agendas, he does and will hold a grudge.

  • Guest-of-the-day

    “… and even though it didn’t look good, said the meeting should be closed.”

    This article should be saved for reference later on… like at election time.

    Remember people: We have DO a fair and equitable government.This kind of criminality is only permitted for one term of office. The Day of Judgment for these Judges will arrive soon enough.

  • sevenseas

    To the supporters of Jon David….how do you know it wasn’t payback, I’m not saying it was but it very well could have been, do you really think he would admit it if it was, this kind of stuff happens all the time and he’s no different than anyone else except he might (not saying he did) have been caught in his own little payback scheme…if any of you think Jon David really cares anything about anyone except himself and his career you’ve just fooling yourself!!

  • Patrick Henry

    Meeting in a public building, in secret, using public money for security.

    “She said they always had their meetings there, and even though it didn’t look good, said the meeting should be closed.”

    There you have it.

    Little people, don’t bother us with your petty gripes.

    We are the law. Just shut up and do what your told.

    Judges, lawyers, they all work for the same law firm:


    If you have a problem, take it to the streets.

    Less court costs, no jail time, and you save all attorney fees.

    They govern themselves. What a joke.

    One final note.

    “County Attorney Huey Marshall, who also serves as the Bar Association’s Secretary/Treasurer, said the group has used the courthouse for its private meetings for years.”

    He should be arrested. He and his cohorts should have to reimburse the county for supplying him with private meeting space, the equivalent to the Hilton or Convention Center, and private security services provided by OUR DEPUTIES.

    These guys use our money, property, Deputies.

    If this policy doesn’t change, we should hold meetings of the

    International Association of Bad Asses and Motherf@*$rs in the public courtroom.

    If the BAR has used services for years, the amount will be substantial. I’m sure the County could use a BIG FAT CHECK from all the successful professional liars.

  • Ask me how I know he didn’t do this and then you turn around and make such a blantant statement as fact? How, pray tell, do you KNOW that? Such comments are inane and without foundation, so take them elsewhere until you can PROVE it. Or run for office yourself.

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