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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — If you think North Third Street has been long overdue for a makeover, you’re in luck. Wilmington City Council approved a resolution to improve the downtown road.

City council approved the enhancement project in hopes it will help improve the flow of traffic and make downtown a little prettier in the process.

“If you’ll notice, the roads are in deplorable condition, especially right there in front of Cape Fear Community College, so improvement like that needs to happen in Wilmington,” said Hollis Briggs, who lives in Wilmington.

At a price tag of about $7 million , the project to improve North Third Street was funded through a 2006 bond referendum, according to project manager, Mike Kozlosky.

Briggs says he wants improvements to be made but hopes the project won’t exceed the budget.

“If they don’t have to increase taxes to make that project happen and if they don’t have to have any more increases, then I’m all for it,” said Briggs.

Kozlosky says the improvements will be a collaborative effort between the city, CFPUA and the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

“The city will be building the street scape project, the utility authority will be replacing or relining the utilities under Third Street and the Department of Transportation has contributed the funds to resurface the road way,” said Kozlosky.

Kozlosky says the project will include landscaping, adding decorative traffic signals and street lighting, as well as re-paving the road. All utility lines will also be put underground. Kozlosky says the project is expected to last a little over a year and will happen in stages.

“We have a traffic control plan that would utilize closing one lane in each direction as well as some potential detours for construction,” said Kozlosky.

Kozlosky says that if everything goes to plan, the project is expected to start in July. He says he doesn’t expect it to interfere with the Azalea Festival next year.


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