State board makes changes to high school sports


    WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina High School Athletic Association is reassessing its playbook. It has some new ideas for high school sports programs around the state.

    The NCHSAA board says it is making changes to raise money for school athletic programs and to look out for the safety of student athletes.

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    At a meeting yesterday, the board focused on preseason conditioning for football as well as some creative solutions for funding issues. It says there must be three-hour breaks between two-a-day practices. It also plans to stream games live on line, hoping to make money off sponsors.

    Hoggard athletic director and football coach Scott Braswell says he thinks the board is moving in the right direction.

    “I think a lot of the cases they’re responding to the medical community and the concerns that they have that are very legitimate. I think they’re responding to coaches and administrators and the concerns that we have,” Braswell said. “I think they’re showing responsiveness there that is welcomed.”

    Coach Braswell says he thinks many of the decisions made by the board are common sense. He is looking forward to some change, but he is still apprehensive about some of the ideas, like discussion of making athletes pay to play to help offset the costs. He also worries streaming games online might keep some people from coming to the games.