Killer faces death as jury deliberates Friday


WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — He has been convicted of four counts of first degree murder. Now it’s time for a jury to decide whether Danny Thomas deserves the death penalty.

The jury was sent home for the day this afternoon after hearing closing arguments and instructions for deliberating a sentence for Thomas, who killed four people during four robberies in Chadbourn in 2005.

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The jury did not deliberate at all today, but will begin tomorrow at 9 a.m. Earlier today, though, the jury heard closing arguments from both sides.

The prosecution tried to prove that Thomas’s history of violence deserves a death sentence.

The defense told the jury about Thomas’s rough upbringing, mentioning that he was molested by a family member at a young age. Thomas’s attorneys told jurors they are not using this as an excuse for the killings, but as a reason why they should give Thomas life in prison and not the death penalty.

During the instructions, the judge told the jury that there is no time limit to the deliberation process, and that they should not feel compelled to rush a sentence.