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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — It was a chance for folks in New Hanover County to voice their opinions to County Commissioners tonight. Commissioners hosted their second town hall meeting in Wrightsville Beach.

Though folks who live in Wrightsville Beach say they appreciate their commissioners coming out to hear what they had to say, they still feel like they’re being overlooked.

“We’re kind of treated like the red-headed step child,” said Harold King, a Wrightsville Beach resident.
King says with all of the money Wrightsville Beach contributes to the county, they should get more in return.

“They put the money other places and it’s a tough place being a County Commissioner and apportioning the money,” said King. “They have a lot of demands on them, so it’s easy to send it somewhere else, but we’d like to get more of what we’re sending up there.”

Mayor David Cignotti says beach citizens in the past didn’t feel like they were always part of the county, but says the current commissioners seem to realize that all beach towns are constituents. He says there are a few issues he feels are important for commissioners to realize.

“We need to make sure we have adequate funding so we can renourish our beaches,” said Cignotti. “Like we said before, tax dollars are big, and an example with the parks and recreation money is that Wrightsville Beach would love to have a bike path all the way to the beach.”

Joseph Walsh has lived in Wrightsville Beach for over thirty years. He says he wants to know why most of the county’s parks and recreation money is spent in Wilmington but not in the beach towns.

“Mr. Barfield said that his interest lies in taking care of the unincorporated county, particularly Veterans Park in the Murrayville area,” said Walsh. “Well that’s great, but nobody said anything about taking care of the beach communities.”

Regardless of the beef folks have with commissioners, many say they appreciate the town hall meetings.

“I think they’re excellent,” said Walsh. “It’s the only chance you get to talk to these guys.”

Besides all five commissioners, Bruce Shell, the County Manager and several department heads were also in attendance.


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