Berger continues to have beef with fellow New Hanover Co. Commissioners


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The drama between New Hanover County Commissioners just doesn’t seem to end. Commissioner Brian Berger says he’s just become accustomed to attacks from fellow commissioners, but this time, he says things got physical.

“What I saw today was this gang mentality from the county board and I didn’t appreciate it and I can take it,” said Berger. “I’m used to having a target on my back.”

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Berger says he was ambushed and verbally attacked by board members during an agenda briefing Thursday. He says he especially didn’t appreciate being poked by another commissioner.

“I don’t know that it’s appropriate to be poking and prodding members of the board,” said Berger.

Berger says he was asked a question by board members involving funding for Wilmington Downtown Inc. and says they didn’t like his answer.

Another commissioner told WWAY that Berger showed up 30 minutes late to the agenda briefing and didn’t have an answer to the question, which was why the argument started.

“I’ve been attacked viciously and on a very personal level for fighting for reforms for the tax payers of the county,” said Berger.

Berger says commissioners should apologize, but says he doesn’t think this will be the end of conflict between board members.

“Few people would be surprised if some of the elected officials we have did actually resort to some type of physical retaliation against colleagues with different view points,” said Berger.

This isn’t the first time Berger has had beef with other commissioners. In April he accused board members of shutting him out of the decision-making process in the county.

WWAY tried to reach out to other commissioners, but none of them would return our calls.