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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Back in March, we brought you the story of two local comedians just crazy enough to attempt a road trip to all 162 New York Yankees games this season. Well, it’s now mid-May and the two are still going strong.

Steve Melia and Steve Marcinowski have been on the road since March 29th, and haven’t missed a beat since opening day. “We’re at 35 games as of (Thursday) night,” said Melia. “The first couple weeks were honestly very difficult.”

Even though they’re only through twenty percent of the season, their trip has already spanned two countries, five states, and two time zones. Along the way, they’ve been faced with mental and physical exhaustion, a few financial woes, but even some problems with Mother Nature.

“It started snowing in Buffalo,” recalled Melia. “And that was really one of the parts of the trip where we were like, ‘What on Earth are we doing?’ Have we told too many people that we can’t back out now?”

And yet, the two haven’t backed out just yet. They’ve met fans in Boston, Toronto, Baltimore, Detroit, Texas, and of course New York. So far, there have been two main reactions.

“One is, ‘You’re the craziest people I’ve ever met,’” said Marcinowski. “The other one is, ‘That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. You guys are awesome.’”

But outside of their quest to hit each and every game, the two had set some loftier goals. Back in March they assured us they would eventually become best buddies with Yankees start Derek Jeter. As we found out – they haven’t exactly excelled in that department.

“Absolutely nothing. We’ve had no player interaction,” said Melia. “We thought it would be easier to find their team hotel, but as of yet we have met zero New York players.”

“We thought he made eye contact with us once,” added Marcinowski. “But – it was the girl behind us.”

With 35 games down, and a whopping 127 to go, their budget is understandably strained. But they’re not bogged down with mountains of financial stress. Instead, they’re surprisingly upbeat.

“What’s great about credit card companies these days is they give you five years to pay off the balance. So we should be right on target to have this all paid off by 2020 or so,” joked Melia.

We’ll be sure to have more updates about the two Steves trip, along with their finances in the coming months.


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