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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission has revoked temporary alcohol permits for Club 609, the site of a fatal shooting and a stabbing early Sunday morning.

Read the ABC Notice of Rejection to Club 609.

According to an official notice of rejection from the ABC Commission, members of the Bloods and the Crips street gangs were inside Club 609 on the night Tremayne Blanks was shot to death. It goes on to say that when a song by Taaron Jones was played, gang members began flashing gang-related hand symbols. Jones was stabbed to death in January outside of the Rhino Club, another Wilmington night club. Police say he was the highest-ranking member of the ii street gang. After the song was played fights broke out between rival gang members inside the club. Blanks was killed outside the club.

The ABC Commission says the owners of Club 609, at 4418 Market Street, may appeal the action to the Office of Administrative Hearings within 60 days.

“A history of fighting, disorderly conduct, or other dangerous activity is part of what the Commission considers in deciding if an ABC permit is detrimental to the community. Law enforcement has documented that history at Club 609, and the Commission is taking back the temporary permits and denying the application for permanent permits. The fatal shooting this weekend is a terrible reminder that serving alcohol is too often a magnet for people inclined to dangerous and even violent acts,” said NC ABC Commission Chairman Jon Williams in a statement.

In affidavits from investigators that are part of the Commission’s rejection notice, one officer said the club has “maintained a general reputation as a place” for underage drinking, fights and assaults. Another said he had seen a gang member at Club 609 wearing a shirt “showing allegiance” to the slain Jones.


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