District Attorney says office will re-examine death of Bald Head Island police officer


OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — More than a decade after the death of Bald Head Island Police Officer, Davina Buff Jones, the case has been reopened. District Attorney Jon David decided today that there was more to the story.

The DA at the time, Rex Gore, dismissed the case as a suicide. But Jones’ father, Loy Buff says he knows his daughter was murdered and that Gore was covering up what really happened that October night in 1999.

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“I often hear about people talking about closure,” said Buff. “I don’t feel like it’s come.”

Though its been several years since his daughter’s death, Buff remembers that night like it was yesterday.

“It was a full moon,” recalls Buff. “Of course, she worked the night shift. She went to work on the six o’clock ferry.”

33-year- old Jones never made it off Bald Head Island that night. Her body was found near the lighthouse with a gunshot to the back of her head. The shot came from her service handgun while she was on patrol.

“Somebody got the scenario started that she committed suicide, but we proved in court that it’s kind of difficult to shoot yourself in the back of the head from an up and in angle,” said Buff.

Around the time she was shot, Brunswick County dispatchers overheard Jones asking someone to put down a gun.

“The last thing she said was, ‘come on guys,’ and then they killed her,” said Buff.

At four different court hearings over financial benefits, Jones’ death was ruled a homicide. But despite the evidence, District Attorney Rex Gore insisted that Jones had taken her own life.

Buff says his daughter’s case was botched and the good ol boy network was responsible.

“They wanted to cover up her murder on Bald Head Island,” said Buff. “Those people didn’t want a police officer getting killed. There’s no drugs over there. My goodness, what a thing that might do to their real estate business or something.”

Buff says he hasn’t stopped fighting for his daughter’s case. After many conversations with Jon David, the newly elected District Attorney, David has said the case will be re-opened.

“There’s some gratification from showing what despicable authorities were there that would do my heart good,” said Buff.