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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Some folks in Pender County say they’ve been hoodwinked by a tow truck operator and have had enough.

Give and take is the name of the game. Jennifer Pittman says she gave her truck and $300 to Tracy Carr back in November. Now, six months later, she says she’s been taken advantage of.

“I’m not gonna do this. I’m not just gonna lay here and let him do this,” Pittman said. “I’m gonna fight for the money that belongs to me.”

Pittman says tow truck company owner Carr owes her more than $600 for repairs he promised and she paid for on her truck.

“After about six months of calling this man, repeated times, he told me that he would get to my truck and get to my truck,” Pittman said. “He never did.”

Pittman says she paid Carr $300 in November to repair the truck after her engine kept backfiring and then $300 more earlier this year to pay for parts.

“We paid him $300 up front, and about six months passed and Tracy said he put a new wiring harness on,” Pittman said. “He needed $300 more, so at that time my fiance and I paid him the additional $300.”

After repeatedly asking if the truck was ready, Pittman decided enough was enough and went to get her truck from Carr. This is when she found out she was not the only person having difficulties with Triple T Towing Services.

“Tracy does this to everybody,” Pittman said. “He goes to court, he usually wins. No big deal. Their loss, his gain.”

Pittman says she was told Carr will hold on to vehicles until the state deems him the owner then scrap them for parts.

We went to the address listed on Carr’s business card for Triple T Towing, but could not find anyone.

The Pender County Sheriff’s Department has been working with Pittman to get the situation under control. Investigators say they are giving Carr until Tuesday at 5 p.m. to repay Pittman for the repairs that were not done, and then they will speak with the district attorney about pressing charges of obtaining property by false pretense.

Pittman says she does not want anyone else to get scammed like she has, and all she wants is to get her hard-earned money back.

“Tracy, please. I’m asking nicely,” she said. “Pay me the money you owe me.”

We spoke with Carr by phone this afternoon. He said he had been working on Pittman’s truck and realized it could not be fixed. He also said Pittman only gave him $300 for repairs, and that he was planning on paying her back tomorrow.

We’ll see what happens.


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