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RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — Brian Berger’s issues with attendance continue. Today was County Assembly Day at the state legislature, but it was also another event where Berger showed up late.

Berger was quick to deny a formal interview with us in Raleigh. He questioned our ethics. We asked him numerous times if he would like to go on camera to clear the air, but each time he denied.

Our camera was set up to shoot an interview with Berger inside the Quorum Center in Raleigh, but we had to chase him down outside.

“You guys have to start reporting a little more accurately,” Berger said. “I would talk to you a little bit more.”

When told him we were there to get his side, Berger said, “My side is I’m doing my job, and I would like to see it reported accurately.

“I don’t need to be here, and I wasn’t going to come, and I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to go.”

Berger said he did not see the value in attending the free conference.

“Despite the cost, you’re still a county commissioner, and you still have to represent the people you serve,” WWAY reporter Ramon Herrera asked Berger.

“You’re a reporter,” Berger said. “You’re suppose to have some integrity, some sense of ethics.”

Berger has refused to return calls and e-mails from WWAY in recent weeks. When we again offered him a chance to talk and clear the air, he said, “I’m consulting with an attorney about all your fabrications.”

Due to Berger’s tardiness he missed out on Speaker of the House Thom Tillis’s address to the commissioners.

Commissioner Ted Davis was also at the event. We asked him about Berger’s tardiness. He declined to comment, saying he was just there to work.

David did say one of the main reasons why he attended was to meet with other commissioners and talk about similar problems.

“For instance I already had a discussion with someone about solid waste and the issue we have right now in New Hanover County,” Davis said. “I’m really looking forward as the program goes on today learning more about issues that other counties have that are similar to New Hanover.”


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  • Guest333

    Are you insane? He told me that he is not running the next time, but you may be led blindly by the light.

    Hey don’t turn the tables away from the real problem (Berger) and tell us to run for office. I price myself with the VERY BEST, so therefore, I HAVE NO DESIRE TO RUN FOR ANY OFFICE, EVER, but YOUR Boy Did have a DESIRE and DID RUN. People wasted countless hours supporting him and what does he do? Repeatedly…mocks the office, and his supporters by FAILING to APPEAR competent.

    Anyway, why are you blaming all of us? What did we do? Just because we used our freedom of speech to warn Berger that he needs to at least attempt to conduct himself like a leader…or at the very least, like a responsible adult, you reem us out?

    Berger is the only person who deserves your wrath for making the Republicans and the Tee’d PARTY look stupid as heck after his numerous ‘documented’ antics and foibles.

    Seriously, Why are you defending him? Hating Jason and Company isn’t an acceptable answer.

  • Guest1011

    Most of these posts reflect malice and a lack of knowledge. If you have views don”t just post them 55 times straight shooter- have the guts to run for office. This guy did. More importantly, he has voted the right way at Cfpua and board meetings. I will vote for him again- precisely because of these over the top, distorted attacks. Barffield attacks the school board and threatens mayors- so many other of our “public servants” on council and this group, have done well for themselves , their friends and businesses, and yet we have this stuff. Concerted effort to smear this guy is clear. Frankly, I’d walk away from this crap because in this town it isnt worth it. Someone once said let he who is free from sin throw the first stone–it sure as hell isn’t the likes of Barffield and you folks.

  • passinthru

    Little Buddy there’s always room for u here in Tabor City…..

  • Guestasis

    Lets be honest, it happens with both parties.

    Even though I know it’s wrong there is a part of me that is jealous of the folks that have picked their team (dems or repubs) and can’t see anything past that. Can’t see right or wrong. They support their team no matter what. It’s sad and an easy way to go through life, not having to think for yourself.

  • Guesthere

    “a rudimentary concept of avoiding the spotlight until people forget”

    Seriously, the public has a really short attention span. (Remember the Fukashima Plant? Yeah, me neither, that’s old news.)

    All you had to do was show up on time for awhile and no one would have remembered, but the fact that it continues to happen is troubling. I know supporters like to down play tardiness like it’s no big deal, but I see it as a very basic part of being a responsible adult. If you can’t do the basics, how can we trust him with the complex decisions.
    Being on time is not that hard to do when it’s important to you.

    Other media outlets are running this story, so I guess WWAY is not only one that sees this as news.

  • Guest9743

    This is the kind of elected official voters get when they vote for someone simply because they have an “R” stuck behind their name!!!

  • Guest5324

    Why is news turned into a bashing medium.. I wouldn’t vote for the guy for whjatever reasons of my own I have.. But geesh… WWAY, TMZ, National Enquirer… They are all blending into one another…
    The people who are attracted to people-bashing are the people attracted to drama… Isthat really the professional media outlet you want to become? Call me old fashioned but I even disagree with posting mug shots on starnews until after the person has been tried and convicted… This town is besoming more of a you are convicted then we will trial you and if innocent we’ll forget we said anything…
    who really cares if bozoburger was late? His actions in the “real news” have already doomed his political career on his own….
    Can we move on to some real news and get away from undercover reporting? That went our with Springer… Really.. I just want to watch the flippin news again… How about erporting on things people in our area are doing GOOD for a change please…

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Politicians are public figures and as such, subject to public comment and criticism.

    In this case we have a county commissioner who has gone out of his way since Novemeber to prove that he has the judgment and punctuality habits of your average thirteen year-old.

    I have defended him several times in the past, but no more. It is precisely because I DID vote for him that I can state what a disappointment he is. After all that press coverage in the past few weeks, to make absolutely no attempt to prove that he can arrive on time was tantamount to thumbing his nose at the people who voted for him.

    What kind of grown, supposedly responsible adult consistently arrives late for anything, anywhere?

  • beth

    Maybe you voted for him, maybe you didn’t. I didn’t vote for BB and I may not agree with his politics. That doesn’t make it okay to publicly trash the guy while I sit safe and anonymous behind my laptop. Some of these comments go far beyond public opinion of his politics and become a free for all where it’s okay to call someone names. True cowardice.

  • Guest333

    “Since when did it become “news” to report on when a politician is late?”
    Not eloquently stated, but we get your point/

    Since you have been living under a rock and still do not understand, thank you for giving me this opportunity to answer this question for you Brian…er, … I mean JennieQ.

    It RIGHTFULLY became NEWS when…

    “We the People”, (as we often proudly proclaim of ourselves in America), have both the freedom and the right to elect a “County Commissioner”, (not a politician) of our choice. Sometimes we are mistaken in our best judgement, as we are only human, but we do not like to be duped.

    We EXPECT that all County Commissioners would live up to our expectations and conduct New Hanover County taxpayers business in a timely, efficient and responsible manner.

    Instead, Brian Berger is in the NEWS almost daily because he, (as an ELECTED OFFICIAL of New Hanover County), baltently, arrogantly and egotistically disregards the necessity to act on a timely, efficient and responsible manner.
    Sadly, he continues to ignore the publics plea to show up on time and to conduct the business that the tax payers AS WELL AS his fellow Commissioners expect.
    This blatent disregard of his duties to not only attend meetings on time but to be actively engaged while in these vital meetings has proven to be a REAL “slap-in-the-face” to voters.

    These are the same voters who cast a vote of trust and confidence at the polls for him to be a good representative.

    This is not to mention the voters who went out of their way for him and spent countless hours campaigning, polling and advocating for him, only to be disappointed in his weirdo behavior. Get it, yet?

    If you still do not understand….repeat the same explanation….over and over, and there you have Brian Berger and the reason why WWAY is the NEWS that the people tune into to to get the TRUTH.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    After all the negative attention of two weeks ago, you obviously have no intention of cleaning up your act. If you had any dignity, a rudimentary concept of avoiding the spotlight until people forget, or, to put it bluntly, and ounce of brains, you wouldn’t be late ANYWHERE for the next year….

    …but no. You had to throw it in our faces again and prove that you’re too lazy, too arrogant, or too stupid to figure out how to NOT shoot yourself in the foot.

    I voted for you in November. The next time I vote for you will be when they’re ice skating on the river Styx.

  • JenniQ

    Since when did it become “news” to report on when a politician is late? I’ve been watching this news channel for a while. I have to say you guys to grasp at straws and do stir up s*#@. For what reason I don’t know, ratings maybe?!?! Trust me I am no Berger fan, or any of these so called “politicians”. But please keep reporting on all these wonderful “news” stories, I need a laugh every afternoon.

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