AP Interview: NAACP wants NC threat investigation


    Associated Press

    RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The NAACP’s national president is asking investigators to find the person responsible for a death threat he says was made against the leader of the organization’s North Carolina chapter.

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    Civil rights group leader Benjamin Jealous spoke with The Associated Press prior to a news conference Thursday in Raleigh and said he wants law enforcement to determine who faxed the note to the Rev. William Barber’s office in Raleigh that morning.

    State investigators did not immediately respond to a message left seeking comment.

    Jealous spoke a day after Barber and six others were released from jail after being arrested following a disruption at the Statehouse.

    The group is trying to call attention to proposed cuts in education, health and welfare programs. It claims those disproportionately harm minorities, the poor and children.

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