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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some Wilmington residents are having trouble getting answers about why their yard waste is piling up and not getting picked up. They say the branches have been sitting in the yard for almost a month.

“It’s really frustrating when you spend some money trying to do some upkeep on your yard, and we’ve planted some seed, and then we have this here killing the other grass underneath it,” Gabrielle Steele said.

Steele said she’s tried repeatedly to get the City of Wilmington to pick up the growing pile of debris sitting in front of her house on Holbrooke Avenue. She said her neighbors have also complained about their yard waste.

While we were on the street, solid waste employees came to clean up the smaller pile across the street, but left steele’s stack of sticks still lying there.

“Piles a little larger than normal, they don’t get picked up, because we have a certain number of residents, over 300 residents on each truck, that we do a day, so if the pile is a little larger, then we have a truck called a boom truck for things a little heavier than normal,” worker Andre Easter said. “We have another truck that comes. You have to set an appointment with that truck, and it comes in and will pick up your debris.”

Easter makes it sound simple, but Steele said it hasn’t been so easy. She said the first couple times she called, she was told she was on a pick-up list, but recently, the city told her the boom truck is broken, which Easter confirmed.

Steele said she’s never had a problem before, and she’s willing to work with the city to see the debris gone, but she said the communication is lacking.

“Just maybe a better response from them, just working with us to see how we can resolve it. I guess it’s just been the lack of response from them except for that it’s just broken, and they don’t have answers as to when it will be removed,” Steele said.

Easter said, “We want to help everybody out and keep the city clean, ok? So that’s our job, and we’re trying to do our job.”

We called the city to find out more about the boom truck. Bill Reed with the solid waste department said it’s in the shop and will hopefully be up and running as early as next week.


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