Community rallies behind District Attorney Jon David


WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Although Judge Jerry Jolly isn’t his biggest fan, District Attorney Jon David still has his supporters who say what is happening is wrong and they will not stand for it anymore.

“I’m just a mom, I’m just trying to live my life but seeing what I’m seeing, I can’t just look the other way any longer,” said Jon David supporter Mary Wayne.

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Supporters of David rallied Thursday night to show their allegiance to their district attorney. The “We Support Jon David/We Hate Corruption Rally” brought many folks together, all saying the same thing, enough it enough. Wayne says she does not agree with many of the decisions being made in the community. She thinks it is time people speak up.

“One voice can make a difference,” Wayne said. “One voice can join with another, and another, and another and you can find people that have something in common with you and get big groups of people to make a louder voice and make a difference.”

Those who attended the rally say they are tired of the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” that seems to make all the decisions in the area. Supporters say they think David is just feeling the backlash of a political system that is stuck in its ways. They say they are not going to let him be steam rolled by old politics.

“We are going to stand up, just like we’re doing right now,” said Columbus County Republican Party Chair Tristan Patterson. “We’re going to make sure that their voice is heard and that any injustices are brought into the daylight rather than just swept under the rug.”

Although David was not at the rally, his supporters say they hope he knows he is not fighting this fight alone.

“I hope Jon David understands that not only is the Republican party 100% behind him, but the citizens of Columbus County are behind him as well,” Patterson said.

And as for Judge Jolly… they say he should just let David get back to work.

“I hope that Judge Jolly will be ashamed of himself and drop these charges and let Jon David do his job,” Wayne said.