Medicaid ‘optional’ services may be trimmed in NC


    Associated Press

    RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s Medicaid recipients could see some of the services they’ve grown accustomed to no longer covered.

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    Republicans at the Legislature are considering the elimination of several medical services the federal government says the state doesn’t have to provide to adults in Medicaid. That could include paying for some over-the-counter drugs like insulin for diabetics, and podiatry and chiropractic services. Most adult dental care and routine eye exams also could be gone.

    GOP budget-writers say they have little choice but to consider eliminating “optional” services to save money and close a deep budget hole. Democratic Sen. Doug Berger of Youngsville called the eliminations unconscionable and avoidable.

    Medicaid serves 1.4 million people, mostly the elderly, people with disabilities and poor families. Another half-million people could enroll by 2014.

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