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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We told you last week about a drug craze that becomes illegal tomorrow. With a ban on bath salts and other synthetic drugs going into effect, many folks are looking for legal ways to get high, or in some cases low.

At first glance, these brownies look innocent enough and sort of tasty, but when you look closer, you may notice a little more than just dessert.

Lazy Cakes, Downie Brownies, Kush Cakes. All names of so-called relaxation brownies sold in convenience stores and gas stations in Wilmington.

These treats are 100 percent legal, and there is no age limit on who can buy them. On the label, it says the products contain melatonin, a drug sold over the counter as a sleep aid.

We asked people on the street what their first thoughts were when they saw the brownies.

“Yum. Food,” William Frazier of Oxford said.

“Well, I would have to say yum to this, because I’m a chocoholic,” Cheryl Beall of Wrightsville Beach said.

“Good snack food,” Matt Heintz of Oxford said. “Good to put in a lunch for a kid.”

But others saw it differently.

“Isn’t it supposed to be like a pot brownie?” Bryan Saunders of Wrightsville Beach asked. “That’s the first thing that came to my mind.”

After taking a closer look, many folks say they aren’t as drawn to the brownie as they originally thought. The colorful labels and cartoons could attract children who don’t know what is in the brownie.

Pharmaceutical intern Courtney Slough says the packaging could be misleading and dangerous if they got into the wrong hands.

“These brownies could potentially be hazardous to children,” Slough said. “There’s not a lot of studies showing melatonin if they’re safe for kids. So I wouldn’t recommend them for children. There have been some reports of children having to go to the emergency room from eating too much melatonin.”

Others say they think it’s a legal way to have a good time.

“It says 100 percent legal, premium relaxation brownies. I guess this would be a legal way to get high if you wanted to.,” Nick Banister of Wrightsville Beach said.

Of course, this is not the only way to get your melatonin fix. It’s available in plenty of over the counter forms, including the vitamin section of many stores.

These melatonin-laced sweets are not on the list of synthetic drugs that become illegal tomorrow. That list includes things like bath salts, which act like cocaine, and K-2 or Spice, which have similar effects as marijuana.


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