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SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — For the first time ever, cameras were allowed inside of the Brunswick Nuclear Plant.

After the nuclear meltdown in Japan, Progress Energy leaders said they felt the need to share information relating to the plant’s design, the safety systems in place and emergency preparedness procedures.

“When Fukushima went down, we got a taste of that, and said it’s time, we need to open the doors, we need to get members of the media here so they can see our business, how we do business every day, what we value, how we protect the safety of the public, and how we take that so serious here,” said Mike Annacone, the Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant’s site Vice President.

Last week the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission assessed the Brunswick plant and found minimal safety issues.
One area of concern was the organization of emergency responders during a safety alert last year. Plant leaders said they are fixing that issue.


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