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LAKE WACCAMAW, NC (WWAY) — An East Columbus High School student took his chances on campus with drugs and now has to pay. Police reports say the student, who’s name has not been released because he is a minor, was found with marijuana at school.

East Columbus High School sophomore olivia watts says drugs on campus are not acceptable. Earlier this week one of her fellow Gators was caught at school with “10 packets of marijuana” according to the Whiteville News Reporter. The newspaper says the 15-year-old boy was caught in class with the drug in a bottle.

When he was asked where he got the weed, he told investigators he was given it by a guy in his neighborhood and that he had more at home. The paper says when investigators went home with the student, they found more drugs.

We tried to get answers from the high school and the school district’s superintendent. They told us they could not release information, but that the student was dealt with “appropriately.”

The newspaper says the student was given five days suspension, but interim superintendent Alan Faulk would not confirm that.

Watts says she does not think the punishment fits the crime, but that there might be reasons why the student got so little time.

“We’re in exams right now, so maybe he only got five days because they didn’t want him to miss his exams so that they get backed up more,” she said.

Watts says although this does not happen a lot at East Columbus, she has heard of other students who have drugs at school.

“They’ll have it hidden,” she said. “They won’t bring it inside but you know that it’s on them.”

Faulk said the school did not inform parents of other students about the arrest on campus. He said the district does not typically inform parents about discipline involving another student.


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