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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The students of Snipes Academy created a unique sculpture that the teachers plan to have displayed permanently.

Using pipe cleaners, the students designed the artwork. A UNCW art student cut and bent steel to match the design.

The pieces were transported to Snipes, and the students strung cans they had painted onto the steel. The pieces were welded together and installed outside the school.

“We finish school next week, so through the summer when they drive by it will still be here, and they come the next year they’ll be in fourth grade, so it will still be here,” art teacher Melony Conner said. “And when they leave and go to middle school it’ll still be here, and when they go to (new) Hanover (High School), I know most of them go to hanover, that’s our district, it’ll still be here.”

The teachers at Snipes also feel this is a wonderful opportunity to develop a sense of ownership. They say they are really proud of the students’ hard work and creativity.


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