Wilmington woman who worked on Edwards’s campaigns reacts to indictments


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington woman who worked closely with John Edwards and his family is speaking out about the former North Carolina senator’s indictment.

Nan Bozarth says she’s known the Edwards family since 2004. She says John Edwards was the first candidate she ever donated money to.

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Bozarth says she was so impressed with Edwards’s message she and her husband decided to help out with his campaigns. She says they traveled and raised money for him.

She says she got to know the Edwards family pretty well and says she never thought john edwards was capable of the charges against him. She says it’s all very disappointing and does not understand how he thought he could get away with everything.

“Having been around his parents so many times, they are lovely people, and he was brought up right,” Bozarth said. “Elizabeth was a very grounded woman, and I think it just all went to his head.”

Bozarth says even though she’s not sure she’ll get involved with any more politicians, she has no regrets.