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Wilmington, NC (WWAY)—The North Carolina Republican Party wrapped up their state convention in downtown Wilmington Sunday.

The message the party conveyed was clear.

“The conservative message of less government, less spending, that’s what is on peoples minds. Lower taxes, have money in the economy creating jobs, not money continually growing government. Governor Perdue doesn’t get it, President Obama doesn’t get it, but the people at home get it,”state Republican Party chair Robin Hayes said.

Hayes wasted no time celebrating his Saturday re-election. He was ready to address tough issues like the new budget of the state. A budget which Perdue has said will provide less money for educators.

“That is a wonderful smokescreen blown out by the democrats because they have created the holes in the budget,” says Hayes. “People complain about cuts, well who created the problem? Who created, with excessive spending, these financial gaps? North Carolina law wisely requires that we balance our budget.”

This weekends convention had about 1,650 attendees and is supposed to have an economic impact of about 2.7 million dollars on New Hanover County. Hayes says this weekend was big for party momentum heading into future elections.

“The excitement is there is so many people here in Wilmington. We appreciate the warm welcome, literally and figuratively. They’re enthused, they’re prepared, they’re equipped and we are going to win in 2011 and 2012.”


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