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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new Consumer Reports survey says two out of three consumers have walked out of stores because of unacceptable customer service. The survey says rude sales people are one of the top complaints consumers have.

Two major stores were ranked among the worst for customer service in this recent survey: Sam’s Club and Walmart. But according to shoppers we spoke with the survey may not truly reflect the type of customer service seen here in Wilmington.

According to the Consumer Reports survey of more than 1,000 people, Americans are sick of dealing with bad customers service. Sixty-four percent have walked out of stores due to poor service, and 67 percent have hung up on a call before their problems were taken care of.

The survey ranked Walmart and Sam’s Club as the top two stores for worst customer service.

Every customer we spoke with outside of Sam’s Club in Wilmington said the members-only warehouse has been great.

“Sam’s has always been a really good place,” shopper Tammy Crazybear said. “I mean the customer service has never been a problem with me. When I go in there people always help if I need a hand. I never had a problem”

But the same cannot be said for Walmart just up the street. Though some shoppers defended the store when it comes to customer service, several others had complaints about the store.

One woman admitted having an encounter with an employee or two adding that she only shops at Walmart because of low prices.

Another woman said her experience at Walmart was “not bad” but the pharmacy has given her trouble when filling prescriptions.

Another man said he dislikes the long checkout lines at night when there are not enough registers open.

The shoppers did not want to go on camera or give their names.

Consumer Reports says the survey was conducted in March with the margin of error of +/-3 percent.

We tried contacting Walmart’s corporate office about the student but have not heard back.


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