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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) – Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren has filed a complaint with the sheriff’s department claiming he’s being racially harassed by sheriff’s deputies and fellow commissioners.

Here are the remarks from the investigation report…

Charles Warren reports that Brunswick County Deputies are following him and stopping his vehicle for no reason. He also feels that during commissioner meetings they are sitting too close to him and staring at him.

Mr. Warren feels that the deputies are doing this in an attempt to intimidate and harass him. He feels that this harassment is racially motivated.

He feels that this harassment may also be motivated by other county commissioners.

Mr. Warren said that on the evening of 6-6-2011, Deputy Fennell pulled beside him as he was stopped on the side of Midway Rd. Warren feels that this contact was racially motivated and unnecessary. Fennel never asked him for his drivers license. Warren feels that perhaps Fennel may have been texted by other deputies who may have still been at the commissioners meeting.

Mr. Warren feels that this harassment might originate with (Commissioners) Scott Phillips or Bill Sue.

Mr. Warren would like the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office of Professional Standards to conduct a criminal and internal investigation to determine if deputies and county commissioners are attempting to threaten, harass and intimidate him.

Both commissioners in question say the whole thing is just childish.

“There’s a book that was written, ‘All I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,’ and this sounds like some kindergarten accusations,” said Bill Sue, the Brunswick County Commission Chair. “I and some of the other commissioners disagree with him from time to time and if you can classify a disagreement as harassment, that’s a new definition for me.”

Scott Phillips, who was elected a County Commissioner the same time as Warren, says he wishes Warren would have handled things differently.

“I was in shock,” said Phillips. “I didn’t understand what motivated Mr. Warren to file this complaint. Nothing was said to me by Mr. Warren. We typically go to one another and talk about it man to man, face to face.”

This isn’t the first time commissioners have had problems with warren. A few months ago, board members unanimously approved a non-binding censure of Warren after he violated the county’s code of ethics by serving on two separate boards.

We called Warren to talk more about his complaint but he refuses to return our call.


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  • Ronald Wells

    This is an excellent opportunity for the counties of New Hanover and Brunswick county to come together, share a cold one and discuss who has the bigger lunatic sitting on their board.

  • Guest461

    ..it’s because they don’t like you. Are you going to sue them for that? You’ve been pulling that racial crap ever since you got in office. Every time something doesn’t go your way, you scream racism and get the NAACP involved. The NAACP has the credentials of used car salesmen these days and your association with them will ruin your reputation.

    Now…act like a big boy and go out and play nice with the other boys, heah?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …because they believe that he’s a paranoid nutjob, and may present a danger to himself or others?

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