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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — You know him as Wilm Watcher in the comments posted on this site. Local blogger, radio host and supporter of New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger RANTS about Berger’s unemployment, the leak of his records and the hiring of top attorney Joe Cheshire.


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  • Guest111

    I sent an email to Carolyn Justice asking for her help in getting some sort of law to “out” the idiots who sneak into office like they did in Topsail. I got no response. Maybe some of you can try to reach her. I understand she is a Berger supporter.

  • Guest1984

    Ben was well spoken and I actually agree with points he made. Lest we forget, Brian Berger has actually kept his word by the way he has voted. If we looked at Barffield , Thompson , Davis and Catlin we could be equally critical of some of their past actions-some a lot worse than seeking unemployment comp. The outright distortions speak for themselves, but if there were nothing else this leak was unconscionable. If it were me, I’d be ticked off too. If we ever find out who the leaker is , it maybe interesting to see their political ties. In any event leaker should be held to public scrutiny=–perhaps the star news or mr. maurer will voluntarily tell us who it is? If nothing wrong took place why hide the identity- we can criticize berger on transparency- but media too! If Ms. Copley was looking into this for Barfield you can rest assure the leaker would be out!

  • Guest2452456

    Scott, I have to say allowing Ben to “rant” is awesome. I detest this garbage and his unbelievable lack of effort and involvement, but you have shown great affability in allowing him time. His negativity and his anger comes through so easily. You have allowed him to expose himself for all that he is. So many watch him pull the strings and write the scripts for Mr Berger. It is so difficult and sad to watch. But now, everyone can see it, not just the coterie of the sad and disenfranchised who listen to that talk radio and clearly have little else in their lives. It is more sad because there is such waste in all of this when so much could be accomplished and moreover, so many good people in governement, elected and staff, are tarnished and are abused by the accusations, implications, and the conspiracies cooked up by these folks who need…oh I don’t know…some real help.
    I disagree with many of your tactics Scott. I think you go after EVERYONE..not Berger, but all with an iron fist that is not at all fair (at times)..but I have to be fair in saying that as someone who “watches” and is active in this community, there are times (and it is not just in this case), you really can be very impressive. Goes to prove, no one is ever all bad or all good…same is true for this character his friend Mr. Berger. We all need help. I just wish Mr. Berger was not representing us in the way that he is and holds so much responsibility when clearly he is not capable of handling it and clearly has not been truthful on many levels.

  • Guest723

    “not just the coterie of the sad and disenfranchised who listen to that talk radio and clearly have little else in their lives”
    said Guest 2452456

    Ummm, how on earth can you glean the make-up of Ben’s audience? He’s on at 4pm Saturdays and I listen while I run the loop. I am neither sad nor disenfranchised and have plenty going on in my life, thank you very much!

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