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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — In a news release sent to local media Tuesday afternoon, District Attorney Ben David said he had spoken with attorney Joe Cheshire regarding concerns Cheshire’s client, New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger, has over unemployment documents released to the media last week.

That’s right, the same Joe Cheshire who represented former Gov. Mike Easley during his recent legal problems. The same Joe Cheshire who represented then-state Sen. R.C. Soles for shooting a man in the back of the leg. The same Joe Cheshire Gov. Bev Perdue hired to help with a criminal investigation into her campaign. The same Joe Cheshire who represented contractor Lee Cowper, who pleaded guilty to embezzling from the New Hanover County ABC Board. And the same Joe Cheshire who represented a member of the Duke lacrosse who faced sexual assault allegations.

So how does a county commissioner who claims “it’s (been) impossible for my business to maintain itself” and admits to drawing unemployment for at least the last six months afford to retain one of the highest profile trial attorneys in the state?

We’re tracking down answers and will have the story for you tonight on WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 6.


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  • SurfCityTom

    Mr. Cheshire is a criminal attorney; not a tort or plaintiff attorney. And it is very possible, if benefits were paid by another state jurisdiction, Mr. Berger may have some legal issues to address.

    Rude I am not; Blunt and candid, definitely.

  • Guest Apu

    As far as has been reported, Mr. Berger is not the target of a criminal investigation, the County is. So, it doesn’t have anything to do with what Mr. Berger has done. That is, unless the folks in D.C. are investigating him for unemployment fraud. I’m curious about that possibility. I wonder if it’s possible that he failed to report his wages as a Commissioner?

    Either way, are you of the opinion that only people with something to hide need to hire good attorneys? If so, just go ask the Duke LAX players about that one.

    It matters not what you think either. You opinion carries no more or less weight than mine. Actually, most people probably don’t care what either of us think. You don’t have to be so rude. I was just commenting on what he may have hired an attorney for.

  • SurfCityTom

    it matters not what you think.

    The skills of Mr. Cheshire are in the area of defense attorney not civil action.

  • Guest Apu

    I don’t think he hired Mr. Chesire to defend him; I think he hired him to sue the County.

  • Guest104

    This is mudslinging at its worst. From Murrow to pickney–how low can we go.
    I agree with McCOy(can that be?) You have lied, distorted and miarepresented a number of times. You outright lied about attendance of berger viz a viz other commissioners. You left out groups where he was always there and lied about other commssioners who were not.
    You used stolen notes and made innuendos and slanted that story–will you tell us who gave you the stolen materials? You are in no positon to shallenge anyone else on transparency.
    I am glad this guy got himself a big gun–its about time he went after some folks–as for this leaker he should at the least be fired. If it was the private sector he would be gone.
    I hope this guy tells you to take a walk–you arent worthy of being given time by anyone.

  • Larry

    Berger is the only on I would trust on the commission. A man of the people the way I see it.

  • WillBDone

    Well it looks as if you are a typical sleazy politician. You lie to us all along and now you want someones head to roll to take the attention away from you. That’s called deflection. Go ahead follow through on the witch hunt it doesn’t change what you are…just another lying public official like Edwards, Soles, Easley and Clinton. What a waste of my vote you were.

    Hey Carolyn Justice how about helping us with a recall vote like Topsail!

  • SurfCityTom

    If he did nothing wrong, why would he feel the need to retain a “Top Gun” defense attorney?

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