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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger has tried to keep his work history and status under wraps from the media and the public, there is an online and paper trail that outlines where and when he’s worked.

Berger says he moved to Wilmington in 2004 from the Washington, DC, area.

From December 1, 2003, through July 2, 2004, he was the Marketing Manager at the Adhesive and Sealant Council in Bethesda, MD. Before that job, trade publications say he was the Manager of Communications for the National Retail Federation.

After moving to Wilmington, Berger applied to be on many New Hanover County boards through the years.

In October 2005, he applied to be on the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority Board. In that application, he listed he was an Editor at “The Globe,” a newspaper in Jacksonville.

Later in February 2007, he applied to be a member of the Port, Waterway and Beach Commission. On that application he wrote he was in Public Relations, Public Policy, Marketing and Business Management at a company called SAR, Inc. He also wrote that he was a volunteer firefighter.

He applied to be on the ABC Board in May 2007. On this application he only listed his employer as “Consultant.”

The next year in June he applied for the Airport Authority Board. Here he lists that he’s in “Association Management and Marketing” at AISI, or the American Iron and Steel Institute. According to its website, AISI is a lobbying firm based in Washington, DC, for the steel industry.

Almost a year later, in May 2009, he applied again to be on the ABC Board, and again he lists his employer as AISI.

While running for County Commission in 2010, he would only say that he was a “consultant.” When pressed, he would not reveal who he consulted for.

Then we learned last week that Berger had been drawing unemployment from an unknown company in Washington, DC. The Department of Employment Services in Washington sent a letter to New Hanover County in January asking for Berger’s employment history. Berger won’t say when his unemployment began, but we do know it ended in May.

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