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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -– The first case of rabies has been confirmed in Brunswick County for 2011. Today, a fox was attacked and killed by three dogs in the Supply area on Creekwood Court. The fox was sent to the State Lab in Raleigh for testing. The results came back positive for rabies. All three dogs that came in contact with the fox were humanely euthanized because they did not have a current rabies vaccination as prescribed by North Carolina state law. Locals are asked to contact Brunswick County Animal Services if they observe any animals behaving in an unusual manner. Rabies is caused by a virus that lives in the saliva of a rabid animal. Rabies is usually transmitted through an animal bite but it is also possible to become infected if the animal’s saliva gets into a cut on your skin or in your eyes, nose, or mouth. You should avoid contact with stray dogs or cats including feeding stray animals. Feeding strays is a violation of Brunswick County’s Animal Control Ordinance. Call Animal Services at 754-8204 for more information concerning rabies in this area.


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