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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The R.C. Soles saga continues. The attorney who represented Kyle Blackburn, the young man soles shot in 2009, has filed a lawsuit against Blackburn. In it he claims Soles paid Blackburn a large sum of money after the shooting.

“As soon as I said, ‘Mr. Soles,’ he turned around and pointed the gun at me,” Blackburn told WWAY in April 2010, about the August 23, 2009, shooting. “I said, ‘Oh, whoa. Please don’t shoot me. I’m leaving.’ And I turned around, started to walk away, and then I heard the gunshot.”

Sitting next to Blackburn during the interview was attorney Scott Dorman. He agreed to represent Blackburn, with both signing a formal contract.

“We are considering pursuing a civil action on Mr. Soles, on Kyle’s behalf, but we’ve made no decisions at this time,” Dorman said during the interview.

Dorman claims the civil suit was ready to go, but in June 2010, Blackburn fired the attorney.

According to the lawsuit filed by Dorman, Blackburn never paid him, and now he wants Blackburn to pay up $10,000 for breaching the contract as well as all attorney’s fees.

Read the lawsuit

The lawsuit claims Blackburn received substantial sums of money from Soles to compensate for the shooting.

In that interview last year, Blackburn said Soles has paid him more than $100,000 over the years to keep quiet about things he knows. He said that it’s the senator’s MO to throw around a lot of money.

“I’ve seen $20,000, $30,000 walk out the door with one person. He don’t give that to anybody,” Blackburn said. He went on to say that B.J. Wright and Allen Strickland got the biggest sums.

We tried to talk to Dorman, but he said he would not comment about the lawsuit.

Blackburn and Soles have not returned our calls.


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