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I have been contacted multiple times concerning the arrest of Commissioner Berger, and let me just say this:

Commissioner Berger has not been convicted of any crime, and we do not have all of the facts of the case as of yet. It appears from the police report and the 911 call that Ms. Blaylock was simply calling for mediation so she could gather her belongings and leave. She did not appear injured, in harm’s way, endangered, or in any imminent danger whatsoever. The nature of our laws are such that in any argument, a woman calling 911 will result in the prompt and immediate arrest of a man, regardless of the nature of the incident, and he will be presumed guilty until proven innocent.

If there are facts that surface that prove, undeniably, that Commissioner Berger caused bodily harm to Ms. Blaylock, or committed an act of violence in any way against another person, then I will stand with the prosecution; as justice should be served. If facts arise that this is an incident completely overblown, that there was no danger, and that this was no more than an emotional argument such that virtually every other couple has had at one time or another, then I will stand with Commissioner Berger on his innocence. Some of the media, and certain members of the community affording themselves the position of judge and jury in this matter exhibits a reprehensible vanity and holier-than-thou disposition; that they themselves would despise if in a similar circumstance.

As Commissioner Thompson has said, this issue is of a personal nature, and has nothing to do with county policy. Calls for Commissioner Berger’s resignation are entirely premature, and exemplify the predefined internal opinions against him anyway in general, on the part of those making such statements.

Ben McCoy


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