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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Technology is constantly advancing. Soon you may want to replace your flat screen tv with a 3D set. Or maybe you want to dump your desktop computer for an iPad.

Come July, though, if you get a new electronic, you can’t just throw away the old one.

“The state has banned televisions and computers from being landfilled, so what New Hanover County has done is try to get a jump on getting citizens to start disposing of those items properly,” New Hanover County Solid Waste Planner Lynn Bestul.

New Hanover County has been accepting old televisions, computers and other electronics at the landfill on Highway 421 since April 29. But disposal of these old electronics in the landfill will be illegal starting July 1. Instead, the old gadgets must be recycled.

“All of this goes to a company in Madison County, NC, called Synergy, and then they disassemble the computers and recycle the precious metals and plastic,” Bestul said.

Some New Hanover County residents have taken advantage of this opportunity to recycle each Wednesday turning technological trash into resourceful environmentally sound treasure.

“This is great,” Chris Moore said as he dropped off several items. “They do this with the paints and toxic chemicals once in awhile. I think it’s appropriate to do it as an event to make people take responsibility rather than make it too easy and too convenient so we get thoughtless about it, but to have something available that people who want to respond to can then take care of their participation in living on earth. I think that’s good.

You can drop off electronics to be recycled at the landfill every Wednesday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.


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