FIRST ON 3: Smoke from Pender Co. wildfire drifting all the way to Roanoke Rapids


ROANOKE RAPIDS, NC (ROANOKE RAPIDS DAILY HERALD) — Smoke seen throughout the Roanoke Valley Tuesday originated with the brush fires in Pender County.

Roanoke Rapids Fire Chief Gary Corbet said brush fires to the south and east of Halifax County, which originated Friday, have pushed smoke so high it has managed to drift all the way to Roanoke Rapids and other parts of the Roanoke Valley.

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“When they burn that long, the smoke rises to the upper atmosphere,” Corbet said. “The winds then get a hold of it and push it all over the place.”

Corbet said officials were notified by Halifax Central the smoke would be appearing today, and his office has been fielding calls about it since Tuesday afternoon.