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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New gun laws go into effect December 1 in North Carolina. Yesterday Gov. Bev Perdue signed a bill that will give North Carolinians more legal protection when they shoot at an intruder.

The new law also allows for concealed carry licence holders to have their guns at state parks.

Though the regulations are intended to give more rights to law abiding citizens they are getting mixed reactions.

“I was happy that she signed it,” said Kirk Andrews, owner of Backwater Guns in Wilmington.

As a supporter of gun rights he was glad to hear that Gov. Perdue signed into law House Bill 650, which expands the rights of North Carolinians who legally use their weapons.

“The laws are designed for law abiding people; not for felons,” Andrews said. “Felons don’t follow the law. The only thing the new law does is affect law abiding people.”

The new law gives people more legal protection when they fire a weapon at an intruder whether they are at home, in their car or at the work place. North Carolinians will no longer fear prosecution in a situation where they feared for their safety and defended themselves.

“It makes it very clear that somebody that is lawfully acting and lawfully in their home and someone is unlawfully gaining access to that home is not going to be responsible on a criminal or civil basis,” New Hanover Co. Assistant District Attorney Charity Wilson said.

Besides legally protecting citizens, the new law also lets concealed carry license holders have their gun in state parks. This worries citizens like Michael Fulp, who often walks in Carolina Beach State Park.

“We have a lot of wildlife and deer in here, and I’m afraid that people will take the opportunity to start shooting at deer and that type of stuff,” Fulp said. “There’s a lot of people that walk and bike in here along with tourist and we have trail campgrounds and kids around.”

Gun advocates say incidents like this are highly unlikely.

The law also makes it a state felony to falsely give information to a licensed firearms dealer. Until now, that was just a federal felony. Now an offender will face charges on both levels.


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  • born2shoot

    THANK YOU!!!! and the same goes for other crimes as well. The person with the CCW isn’t going to go rob a back or go shoot a place up because he is now allowed to carry there. The people that are going to break the laws and rob and harm others are hoping that people aren’t carrying and are going to do it whether it is legal or illegal to carry there. So why not let the people who respect and follow the law (CCW holders) carry in more places. And if you think its too easy to get a CCW, why not offer an extended program, that only trained deticated law abiding citizens would take the time and money to take it and let them carry in more places. It only would protect more people and discourage crime.
    Thomas Jefferson once said, “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence then a armed man.”

  • randy norris

    this subject is near and dear to my heart, I have had a permit to carry for about 6 years now, I carry my weapon 24/7. I dont worry about people who dont want to carry, that is their problem, If they can live in the victem mentality then so be it, I think of life in this place as sheep and wolves, there are good wolves and bad wolves, bad wolves prey on the sheep, good wolves do not, if you want to be a sheep and hope that there are enough sheppards (Police) to protect you and your family then that is up to you to live with. but dont complain when i exercise my right to do otherwise. for 22 years I caried a weapon for the US Army on five of the seven contenants, and will continue to do so until the day the lord comes for me. if you think im wrong, call the police and report an intruder and then order a pizza, 99% of the time the Pizza will be there first.

  • Martin F

    I’m only 19, but I’ve been an advocate of things such as this to protect my family.

    Now that I live on my own and my fiance is living with me, I want to know that I have the ability to protect myself and my family. If someone were to break into our home, my fiance’s life and my life are both in danger. Damn right I wouldn’t hesitate with or without this law.

    I agree with your statement about protecting yourself even without this law. Once a criminal breaks a law such as breaking into my home, I no longer consider them a citizen; nor does the constitution. I have my right to carry a gun, but I will take the responsibility that comes along with owning one.

  • Guest 1973

    I agree with the Bill, but it wouldn’t matter to me whether it was passed or not. I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. If someone breaks in my house and if I am able they will be shot regardless whether I pull time or not.

  • NCcountryboi

    To the guy “Michael Fulp” I dont think people will be shooting at deer in the park but, If you try to rob them they will shoot you. I think this bill is a great idea because I want to feel like im safe from ignorant low life people who dont want to get a job and just steal and be givin everything. This is the way I look at it in my gene pool is a law abiding citizen so if I live on there will be more people like me in the world because of my kids. If these outlaws and scum bags break into my house and kill me in the future there will be more of them.

  • Guestjohn

    When the bad people come in and the alarm has gone off and the police r still not there what r you going to do pont your finger at them and yell boo you libs r so stuped you pople think that just because some official says it is unlawful to kill stell rape brake enter every body will do as they r told well you r ded wrong so if you see me in the park or at the 7-11 or wall mart or come to my house i will my 357 and if some try to harm my wife my familey the if you mess with the bull the will get the horn’s i thak the new law is grate i thank that it should be open carry that every body can see that we r carry our guns and that if you mess with us then you no what you will get.

  • 910beaches

    Now that’s what I’m talking about!! I am a married female who minds her own business. I don’t go around starting trouble, but I won’t hesitate to protect and defend myself either!! I took a concealed weapons class in Brunswick County and I’m glad I did.

  • BH

    I just don’t get it. Some people just don’t get why we carry. Or why we even own guns. Personally I think we need more RESPONSIBLE LAW ABIDING citizens who ccw. On vacation a couple years ago my wife and I were involved in a situation in which two law abiding ccw samaritans saved our bacon. Since then we have both gotten our ccw licenses. Maybe some of these anti gun morons need a close encounter to change their minds.

  • Guest336699

    Let’s make it a law that everyone above the age of 10 has to carry a gun in NC. Then no one will feel uncomfortable walking around in public knowing they can defend themselves against any perceived threats. Quick-draw instruction courses will be filled to capacity creating additional jobs as well.

  • woody

    I am very appreciative to the Governor for signing this legislation.
    I have a conceal carry permit and don’t leave home without it. The one time I did leave home without almost got me killed and if I didn’t know what to look for it would have. I was an intentional attempt at a set up accidental run down in a grocery store parking lot. The incident was by a man whose father was involved in an arson and the death of my son. I had found out the mans father was a fugitive since 1967 and the son tried to take me out. He missed me by about 10 inches and would have killed me if he had hit me. The bad thing is I reported the incident to the cheif of police in the little town where it happened and he just looked at me and walked off. I even told him the mans name and tag number that tried to run me down. I even tried the county Sheriff’s Dept and they just sat and looked at me. Who knows what he will try the next time.

  • Victor Ansel

    Well, one thing’s for sure….deer and wildlife aren’t going to break into your home with the intent to rob or harm you! Dunce!

  • GetReal

    People like Fulp are dim wits. Law abiding citizens don’t go on shooting sprees just because a deer is around. If it’s illegal to shoot at a deer, then law abiding citizens won’t shoot at it. People that would shoot at it, don’t care about the law anyway.

  • Mikey

    If people would take gun classes (my wife,CCH permit holder, took Women On Target) they would realize in a hurry about awareness, safety and be alert obout your surroundings. I am sick to death of hearing and reading that ” she/he put up a good fight “, while being raped, slashed, shot. They put up the best fight yhey could under the circumstances. My wife, who just purchased a new Ruger LCR 357, will alter your appearance by giving you a 2nd and 3rd bellybutton.

  • Charles Harrison

    House bill 650 constitutes a good start toward allowing law abiding citizens the right to protect there themselves and their families from an ever growing criminal element. With the growth of gangs like ms13, the bloods and others violent crimes are on to rise. The economic woes the country is currently going through only serves to exacerbate the situation. Protection from prosecution, when one is forced to defend one’s life, family and property against a determined a intruder is extremely important.

  • LoveMyRights

    Thank you Governor Perdue for having sense! I am proud of my right to carry my concealed weapon and will do what I need to in order to protect myself and my family. I don’t walk around flashing my weapon and unless someone knows me personally, I would be the last person that someone would expect to be carrying a weapon. Just a mom and wife running back and fourth to work, school and shopping minding my own business. However, if someone is going to approach me and try to hurt me or my children, I WILL drop them where they stand! I have 7 chances to get away safe and you can bet your sweet tail that I will do everything in my power to see to it that me and my children remain unharmed and are able to enjoy another day as a family. I pray that I am never put in that situation every day that I leave the house. I am not a police officer and would much rather leave policing to the trained professionals, but as the wife of an officer, I am also realisitc and know that bad things happen to good people and I am certainly grateful that I have to right to protect myself and my family when placed in imminent danger!

  • Debbie

    What about changing the law that states you can’t have your weapon in your car on workplace property if there is a posted sign prohibiting it? What about single women who have to go home alone? What if a burglar or rapist is waiting on her when she gets home? If she can’t have the gun in her car on company property, she won’t have it to defend herself when entering her home. This bites.

  • brandon martin

    The day you take everyones guns will be the day when only criminals will have them. Im a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and i serve my country to protect that right. I you have a problem with guns i promise i wont use mine to protect you.

  • anne

    If you come into my house in the middle of the night, and you weren’t invited, I am going think that you are here for something else. When you decide to enter an occupied dwelling without being invited, you gave up your right to expect to be welcomed and sent on your way without injury. Would I like to shoot someone? No that would be the last thing that I would like to do, but my family’s protection comes first and if it means beating you with a baseball bat, siccing the 130 pound Rottwieler on you, or shooting you if it comes down to it, that would be a decision I would have to make.

    So to protect yourself, stay out of my house, my business and anyone else’s. You might live another day!

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