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BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Crews are still battling a wildfire in Bladen County. So far that fire has spread across 1,300 acres. The forest service is working to contain it.

Crews say though there are not many flames, there are still spots of significant heat. They expect a long, tedious process until there’s a decent amount of rain.

No more structures have been destroyed outside of the three homes we told you about yesterday.

“I cried when some of the ones that lost their house, but also mine was almost gone the other night,” said Patty Smith, who lives right outside of the fire. “You know, their efforts but also with the rain that finally came is the only reason why I got to see my house again.”

Currently there are nearly 30 North Carolina Forest Service personnel working on the wild fire in Bladen County.

Though the fire isn’t as strong as it was a few days ago, it is not contained.

Shane Hardee from NC Forest Service says they plan to have a controlled burn through 2,700 more acres in order to control it.

“We will be here for a while, short of major rain events until this is over with,” Hardee said. “Our intention is to burn that entire area out to bring it to an area that we feel like it will hold long term, versus going interior and putting lines through the bay.”

Hardee says the burnout could potentially save more than 400 structures that could be impacted.

“We want to take our fire to it under our terms, instead of it coming to us on its terms,” Hardee said.

He says the fire will burn up to the sand ridges that surround the bay where it can be held.

“A lot of this out here is where there’s not any houses,” Smith said. “I mean you’re talking about 2,700 acres, but it’s a lot of wild life.”

The burnout could start as early as Friday morning depending on the weather conditions.

It will be broken into two sections, and when finished a total of 3,800 acres will be burned. If any more evacuations are needed, the Bethlehem Church in White Oak will be open for shelter.


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