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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — You may notice colorful swatches of yarn popping up in random places. These pops of art are taking over the world from London to Amsterdam to right here in the Port City.

A group of local artists is trying to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by yarn bombing things like light poles and parking meters.

“It’s good clean fun. There’s nothing profane about it. It’s pretty,” yarn bomber Krys Lefler said. She decided to put her passion for crafts to good use by bringing the international art trend to the streets of Wilmington.

Yarn bombing is a movement to beautify objects often overlooked.

“I don’t know the concept, but I guess it definitely gets a reaction, because it’s something visual, and it’s all over downtown,” Brian Bost said. “It’s kind of a neat thing.”

Unlike Bost, Shelby Clark said her cousin is also a yarn bomber.

“I think they are the cutest things ever,” Clark said. “They’re just making everything so adorable, brightening up the city.”

Lefler says the bombs are a form of social or tag art, but unlike the often destructive and degrading graffiti, the yarn is peaceful.

“There’s no way to be political or anti-this or anti-that with yarn. I mean, anybody can enjoy it,” Lefler said.

“It’s pretty awesome,” said Megan McKeithan, who is honeymooning in Wilmington. “I think… I don’t know… anything to make things more pleasant and look nice, I’m all for it.”

“They take a lot of hard work, so I think it’s awesome that she’s sharing her hard work with the whole city making it cute,” Clark said.

“It may not be for everybody, but just sit back and enjoy the yarning,” Lefler said. “It’s pretty. It’s something different, and don’t hate.”

Lefler encourages everyone to join Port City Yarn Love and says she’ll be out yarn-bombing at least once a week. You can get more information at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_153683818032039


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    Except for the people who can find simple ways to make their lives positive and fun and filled with passion for someone or something. Her job is not to make sweaters for the homeless, if she wants to yarn bomb simply because its her artistic outlet, then so be it. Sometimes,for a minute, If youre lucky, life can be fun. But Noooo assholes have to make everything a huge issue. Do you take a second to think about this lady’s feelings when stranger’s are insulting her for yarning? Yarning?! Really!? There are way more important issues tto bitch about than Yarning! Yeesh very very sad people.

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