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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The story of a Burgaw Middle School teacher charged with cyberstalking a 13-year-old boy is now getting international attention.

Saturday morning ABCNews.com posted its own version of the story (linked below) involving teacher Megan Mantooth, who was arrested earlier this month after allegedly sending hundreds of text messages to her former student.

Earlier this week, Britain’s Daily Mail also posted a story about the case.

The ABCNews.com story includes more allegations about Mantooth’s behavior, as well as criticism of Elizabeth Graham, the mother of the alleged victim, for going public with the story in an interview with WWAY and later a local newspaper.

Mantooth has not spoken publicly about the allegations and charges. She is scheduled to be in court next month.

Teacher Charged With Cyberstalking Roils Small North Carolina Town
June 25, 2011

A middle school teacher has been charged with cyberstalking one of her 13-year-old students, and the boy’s mother claims that her son isn’t the only one receiving inappropriate text messages from the female teacher.

Megan Mantooth, 26, is a popular eighth grade math teacher in Burgaw Middle School, a tiny town of 4,000 people in southern North Carolina where her husband is a deputy sheriff. She is also the mother of two, including a 4-month-old baby.

The allegations against her have roiled the town with many people defending her and lashing out at her accusers.

Mantooth has been charged with cybertalking, allegedly sending "hundreds" of text messages to her student, which included "a lot of sexual innuendos," according to the boy’s mother, Elizabeth Graham.

According to Graham, Mantooth obtained her son’s cellphone number from a fellow student and started texting the child on June 8. Graham said that initially the math teacher texted her son his final grades, followed by general inquiries about his summer plans.

"About two hours later, she was still texting my child and my husband took away his phone," Graham said.

The "hundreds" of texts that Graham said Mantooth sent her child included one that Graham read to ABCNews.com:

"I wish you were home by yourself right now because I don’t have the kids," and "More how? As in see ME more or less clothes more, or both."

Mantooth allegedly compared herself to the middle school female students telling the boy that she would "look better in a bikini," Graham said. She also allegedly made plans to meet the student at his beach house, texting him, "I cannot wait 8 more days to see you."

The mother believes that the middle school teacher was developing an emotional relationship with her13-year-old son.

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  • KrisC

    On two separate occasions I have had over a hundred text messages logged to my Verizon account. I rarely text (no more than 15 texts a month) because I use my land line most of the time. Customer service seemed unable to verify the validity of the excessive number of texts that were on record on my account, yet I did not have any more than the usual 15 texts I knew I’d sent and received recorded on my phone. Technology has its quirks. Seems like anything can happen when it comes to electronic records.

  • NaNNa

    I wonder how many other teachers were in the same ship as her???? Hmmmm… What’s next Pender excuse me “Burgaw”.. I mean really, this town is out of control. Deputy fired, board members resigning, personnel files stolen, the animal shelter (which is way out of control) i was by there today and WTF!!! dogs in the bathroom??? Seriously??? Burgaw really needs to sit back and do a personal evaluation on themselves. If people did what they were suppose to be doing at least 95% of the time (not even 100%) things would be a lot better off for the better. As far as that teacher goes, good luck, be honest and never forget ” It’s all good until you get caught”.

  • NCemergencyservant

    There are several key things that need to be looked at. First Mantooth admitted to sending the messages. She was upfront and honest. That doesnt make what she did right. Second the cell phone was taken by local law enforcement so the messages had to have been forwarded to another cell phone or email address. With todays technological advances theses messages that have been made public could have been altered. Under NC law this could cause the text messages to be dismissed as evidence. Third the fact that her husband is a Deputy sheriff makes no difference in this case what so ever. The husband is part of a special investigations division of Pender County Sheriff’s department and is away from his family for long periods of time so there is no way he can monitor his wife and her actions at all times. People need to realize that Mantooth has a family and a good one at that. It is not fair to bash her husband two children and other family members for what she may or may not have done. Finally the last time I checked in this country a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of peers. Quit judging when you do not have ALL the facts. No matter what the out come is her husband will still be risking his life every day to protect yours and her family will still have to live in the community. Let the court system handle this and stay out of peoples problems because tomorrow it could be you in the headlines. Would you want your husband or wife being bashed by people who dont know the facts? NO! On another note if you believe everything the media tell you, then you are not very observant to the real world.

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