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PENDER COUNTY (WWAY) — Although 22,000 acres are still on fire in Pender County as of Monday evening, some folks say the show must go on.

“Until we have rainfall over the entire county, we’re going to have to be very cautious about any pyrotechnic or anything for that matter,” Pender County Commissioner F.D. Rivenbark said at Monday night’s county commission meeting.

Pender County gave the go-ahead to a firework display this weekend for the 4th of July holiday. Rivenbark says although the fires in the county have been hard to handle, the fireworks that were approved have strict guidelines in order to keep the community safe.

“I’m concerned for the safety for all of our citizens,” Rivenbark said. “The pyrotechnic display request is probably something that had been approved in the past as a safe celebration for the Fourth.”

Rivenbark says people need to extra careful this weekend and should not use fireworks on their own. Strict fire ban regulations could mean more punishment for anyone who violates such guidelines.

“They need to pay attention to emergency folks and the forest rangers and follow instructions that they give for their safety,” Rivenbark said.

Pender County Deputy Fire Marshal Tommy Batson says anyone who does use legal fireworks this weekend should use extreme caution and understand they will be held responsible for any damages. He says the fire department highly discourages the use of fireworks due to the conditions.


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