Statesville cab driver killed over cab fare


    STATESVILLE, NC (AP) — Police say a cab driver has been shot
    to death in Statesville.

    Investigators say the taxi flipped over early Tuesday in front
    of the Statesville Police Department.

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    Authorities say the driver was 49-year-old Richard Anthony

    Statesville police have obtained a murder warrant for the cab’s
    passenger, 29-year-old Thomas Garland Arndt of Statesville. Arndt
    was injured in the wreck and is being treated at Carolinas Medical
    Center in Charlotte.

    Lewis Taxi officials say Jones had responded to a call from a
    customer requesting a ride about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

    Assistant police chief Bill Halliburton says Jones was shot in
    the back of the head, then lost control of his cab and crashed.

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