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RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — Trooper Edward Wyrick Jr. and Trooper Andrew Smith have been placed on administrative duty after allegations that Wyrick intimidated a Raleigh woman during a traffic stop.

WWAY broke this story Tuesday.

Hoyt and Gina Tessener say they were in Wilmington last week for a conference.

They say Wyrick pulled over Gina last week near Wrightsville Beach because the trooper said her headlight was not working. The stop led to Wyrick accusing Tessener of drinking and driving.

Tessener says the trooper then took her to the Wrightsville Beach Police Department for a breath test. Gina blew a 0.00 twice.

“It was clear from his face when Gina blew the breathlyzer and it was 0.00…You can see him clench his jaw, tense up and was very angry by that,” Hoyt Tessener said. “You can just sense the way he tensed up.”

The Tesseners say Wyrick tried to intimidate them while they waited for the result of the second breath test.

In a statement, Gov. Bev Perdue said:

“The policy of this administration is zero tolerance for unacceptable behavior. We expect the absolute best from state employees. This incident has been under investigation since it came to light. These two troopers have been placed on administrative duty. The Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety and the Colonel of the Highway Patrol will take appropriate action upon completion of their investigation.”


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