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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Raleigh attorney and his wife who called out a New Hanover County Highway Patrol trooper in a letter to the governor are now speaking out on camera.

Hoyt and Gina Tessener say they were in Wilmington last week for a conference. The attorney thought the trip would be like any other trip to the coast. Instead it became an experience that evoked fear and uncertainty.

The Tesseners say Tpr. Edward Wyrick Jr. pulled over Gina last week near Wrightsville Beach because the trooper said her headlight was not working. The stop led to Wyrick accusing Tessener of drinking and driving.

“He then turns into me and tells me, ‘I smell alcohol on your breath,'” Gina Tessener said.

Tessener says the trooper then took her to the Wrightsville Beach Police Department for a breath test. Gina blew a 0.00 twice

“It was clear from his face when gina blew the breathlyzer and it was 0.00…yYou can see him clench his jaw, tense up and was very angry by that,” Hoyt Tessener said. “You can just sense the way he tensed up.”

The Tesseners say Wyrick tried to intimidate them while they waited for the result of the second breath test.

“He came up and put his chest within an inch of my shoulder telling me to leave, and I stood there for the minute until it showed again 0.00,” Hoyt said.

The Tesseners say Tpr. Wyrick told them he would have to take Gina “downtown” for a magistrate to release her. On the drive Hoyt Tessener followed Wyrick, who had Gina handcuffed in his car. Just a few minutes in, another trooper pulled Hoyt over.

The Tesseners think Wyrick set the whole thing up.

“The way he was going around this was what can I do now to hurt him, arrest him… it was pure intimidation,” Gina said.

The second trooper soon let Hoyt Tessener. Hoyt tried to catch up with his wife, who was at the New Hanover County Jail in Castle Hayne, where a magistrate let her go.

The Tesseners eventually met up, putting an end to a night they won’t soon forget.

Tuesday morning they met with Highway Patrol Internal Affairs investigators.

“I asked them have you looked at the video tapes from the cruisers? Have you looked at the tapes from the booking room? Have you looked at the cell records or the radio chatter?” Hoyt Tessener said. “He said, ‘Well, we have not looked at any of that stuff yet.’ The last thing I asked him is Tpr. Wyrick still on the road, and he said, ‘I think he still is.'”

As for Wyrick, he had Wednesday off. We stopped by his home north of Wilmington. His wife answered the door and said he was not home. We left a message, and she said he would call us. He has not.

The Tesseners say they are very disappointed that Wyrick is still on duty. They hope the Highway Patrol will do what’s right in the end.

Of course, The this is just the latest incident for an agency that has been mired in controversies involving troopers for several years now to the point that the governor appointed a new leader for the Highway Patrol and a blue ribbon panel to look at reform.


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  • MJ

    I ask, “What was the real reason for the stop in the first place?” There would have been no encounter if the officer had not stopped her in the first place. Don’t forget, he had no lawful reason!

  • 357 Black Talon

    There’s no difference in the H Patrol in North Carolina and the “SS”, past yrs. in Germany.

    Prior to retiring during health reasons, I had a run-in with the HP. I was a licensened Embalmer and Funeral Director. Roads were icy, bad driving conditions. The county ambulance went off the road due to ice while carrying a heart attack victim.

    I was notified by a friend to see if our funeral home could give assistance, helping this man get to the hospital. I immediately went there to give what assistance I could. There was a HP by the name of Pitula (or some sort of garbage as that). I was cursed for trying to come to this man’s aid. I was also told that any attempt to remove this gentleman from this wrecked ambulance would result in my arrest.

    All this was reported to the HP complaint people. They came to the funeral home and acted like the rectum’s they are. They later sent a letter stating they could find “no wrongful action” on the trooper’s part.

    Incidentally, we never issued a statement. Now, I can say. This man who had a coronary, trip ended in a wrecked ambulance due to the ice…had a wife, good man in the community…because of this trooper, this man’s life was terminated…DOA at the hospital.

    Be proud of yourself HP. You keep doing this, and one day it’s going to turn on you or one of your loved ones. The only people who would have you as a “loved one” must have a taste for “dung.”

    Yes, Mr. Pitula, if your sorry behind is still amoung us, please accept all our “middle finger of friendship” in the community.

    You are welcome to pass it on to the rest of you Nazi’s.

  • BYH

    Did you see unprofessionalism on behalf of the Trooper? Now where is the unprofessionalism from the Tessener crowd? It’s on every paper and television station they can get to take the story. The fact Mr. Tessener (the attorney) should have subpoenad the video himself before he stepped into a lie with both feet. Better yet, he and his wife ought to know the laws in this state. There are ALWAYS two tests because the LAW requires it, regardless of what the results of the first are. The arrested has to go before a Magistrate to be released. He’s an embarrassment; not the other way around. And the fake emotion rolling off his wife is pathetic…she better stick with HER job because she stinks as an actress.

  • BYH

    I don’t know if some of you just don’t understand or don’t want to understand the laws in NC. A law enforcement officer cannot…can NOT…release someone that has been arrested w/o taking that person before the Magistrate for a finding of PC or no PC. That’s it. She blew .00 and was taken before the Magistrate and released.

    No matter HOW many lies the Tessener’s told; their story and video do NOT match, some of you will continue to blame LE. This isn’t a matter of opinion, watch the video for yourself. Watch their interview where Mr. Tesseners states he was physically intimidated. Then watch the video from the PD. You can see it and hear it for yourself. Use your common sense. These people LIED. The Tesseners’ LIED and the ignorant masses (to include the Governor) fell for it. Bev, once the investigation is done, I hope you ensure they are charged and I hope the Troopers go after the Tesseners’ jobs. After all, good for the goose, good for the gander.

  • dave

    You are VERY misinformed! What this trooper did appears to be completely within his duties. He stopped her for a light violation. He smelled alcohol on her, she said she “sipped” wine. She refused to do any test for him. He arrested her and then she blew .00. If she had cooperated with the tests on the side of the road, she never would have been arrested. She had to go to a magistrate in order to be released. Her big mouth husband should know that! He is an attorney right?? Once a person is placed under arrest, I think they must see a magistrate even if the officer knows they are going to be released. I believe she was handcuffed because I think it is probably the policy of the Highway Patrol to handcuff people before transporting them somewhere. Correct me if I am wrong but that is what I have heard. Give this trooper a break! He was so professional on that video and what I see is a snobby rich attorney and his wife that think they can push their weight and money around. If that is not true, than why did he feel the need to write an 8 page letter to the Governor and “other officals” as the news reported? If he really felt he had a complaint, does the trooper not have a supervisor he could have called?? Do we have to go to the Governor and Senators for a complaint?? Let’s get real here. Can you not see what is going on? Cocktail dress, jewelry, lexus, big mouth, letters to politicians?? Am I the only one seeing this?? This attorney is not stupid. He knows exactly what he is doing. And, lest anyone thinks he is a saint, Google him! He has charges pending himself!! Let’s give those troopers the benefit of the doubt that they were trying to do their job and serve all of us out here who need them! Do we really need a rich big mouth lawyer from Raleigh?? Where are our priorities people??

  • Sig Forum Elite Squad of Cops

    The verdict is in and the lady lied and her hubby helped her become a victim. Lies. All lies as the jury of Sig Forum Elite Squd of Cops have ruled. Case closed. Cops vindicated once again. Bleach blonde fibbed to the wrong crew!

  • Wilmresident1994

    In your rant you conveniently forgot that she was objectively NOT in the wrong. She blew a .00, there was no probable cause to arrest her in the beginning, and certainly no probable cause to continue to keep her in custody after she blew the .00. Even the headlight allegation appears to be baseless and pretextual as Tessener says the car had just been serviced and the lights were functioning fine. There is no requirement for a magistrate to release a suspect when there is no probable cause, this officer could have let her go right there in the WB station.

    I don’t see any evidence here that she felt she was above the law. Perhaps she got irritated because the officer repeatedly refused to recognize the apparent facts, and continued to wrongfully detain her, but irritation is the appropriate response here I think. In my experience, most people actually assume the officer was in the right, and most of the time this is a correct assumption, but not this time. It is obvious here though that something is wrong with this officer.

  • NCemergencyservant

    Friend you are way off base here. One reason the in car camera’s are not public is because of privacy laws, not for the officer but for the suspect. Putting a camera and mic on every police officer would be in the millions of dollars. Now to the troopers alleged attitude. When a person enters law enforcement they are taught to be tough. At the first time a suspect can see weakness in an officer the officer puts himself in danger. I will admit there are bad apples out there. When the accused female was taken to the beach PD to blow in the ABL and it showed 0.00 that does not mean she was sober at all. Machines malfunction all the time. Last there is no magistrate at the beach PD and by law he can not release her until she has been placed before a magistrate to see if he wants other BAL tests to be run. If this Trooper did bully her he does deserve to be punished. The thing is we dont know all the facts. The courts will decide what will happen next.

  • Brock

    Wilmington PD is hiring new officers all the time.

    You sound like a fine candidate since you can type and seem willing to always do the right thing despite virtually everyone hating you.

    Starting pay is about 34k a year, a little more if you have a degree. $15.57 – $18.35 hourly depending on your certifications and experiences.

    Put up or shut up

  • Brock

    Can still blow a 0.00 when you’re popping Zannies, smoking weed, snorting Bath Salts, or any other number of things that aren’t alcohol but still mess you up. Still considered a DWI – did you learn nothing from the River Rd incident? Check your laws sir.

  • Guestwrong

    Everybody is quick to jump on cops and troopers, and anybody associated with the law process. When you get pulled over for speeding, you want a cop/trooper to be nice to you. Customer service really??? You want somebody to be nice to you for speeding, when speeding could injure somebody or even kill them if you are in an accident. If somebody appears to be driving under the influence, guess what you will get pulled over. The first thing they ask if they SMELL alcohol is did you have anything to drink??? If your answer is yes, they will then ask how much??? Then they will proceed to ask you to do a sobriety test. If you refuse you will then be arrested. The only person who can let the accused go is a judge. And this big shot lawyer who deals with law should know the procedures. He is a dui lawyer and acts like he does not know the procedures, some lawyer he is. Nobody complains about cop/troopers when they need them. But let some dimwit write a false accusation and everybody thinks all cops are on a power trip. What is wrong with our citizens??? They are all trying to do a job, so do your citizen duties and do not break the law even having a tail light out.

  • jml

    To those who think these guys are overreacting, obviously you have never been harassed like this (and i’m not talking about getting pissed when you get a parking/speeding ticket).

    I’ve been pulled over before and asked if there was a reason my tail light was out. This is obviously a rediculous question, it’s behind you so you don’t know until someone tells you.

    Point is.. she got pulled over for having a light out. However mean she was to the cop, after she blew zero that should have been the end of it.

    The extra hours of harassment was just to get back at her and its unprofessional. I wonder if he could have legally held her for 24 hours questioning? I know cops have to deal with a lot, so they are given a lot of slack in the area of “customer service” or “professionalism” whereas in most careers you are judged by those qualities.

    And what about Teachers? No one wants to be a teacher because there is so much red tape, pressure from the parents, the principal, the state.. if there was this much internal review on officers we wouldn’t have the kind of attitude and unprofessionalism- even if they do have to deal with a lot of CRAP most of the time. I do too, everyone does, its work!

  • You would have to read the 9 page letter that was written as a complaint. It was explained in there what the magistrate did.There is a link to it on this site.

  • jeffnow

    Well maybe it is a little too much “How dare the police stop me I am never in the wrong” type attitude most people have. When the police do there job they are automaticaly wrong in the publics eyes. This is most likely case and point. What we have is a well to do WASP that believes that because of her affluent life that she is above the law and that when she is caught, well lets just say the hammer will fall. She is in a position to cause harassment to the officer doing his duty and will try and punish him for making her feel a little more “common”. Lord forbid that was to happen. I suspect she was the one with the authority problem and is throwing a tantrum to save face. I will give in to the point that not every officer is good but also not every officer is bad. The good far out weighs the bad. Next time maybe she will obey the traffic laws.

  • sailboat2323

    If you people don’t think troopers and the LEO community doesn’t lie just look at the cases brought against the state crime labs. Men serving years in prison for false results that were backed by the crime lab. If you file a complaint against a trooper do you not think him or all his buddies will not be gunning for you everytime you hit the road? Do you honestly think internal affairs will really investigate them, there was the head of the internal affairs in Raleigh who resigned because of coverups..wake up people.Cops will not prosecute cops if they can figure a way to cover it up. You think average Joe Blow would have a chance against the system as it is now in place? The NCSHP has a history of corrupt cops and it has gotten no better, do some research. This Rambo just screwed with the wrong person and hopefully will be a mall cop in his future. Before you have the chance to say it I have never been arrested, 1 ticket in my 58 years and had a retired sheriff in my family so don’t even go there.
    I had a cop come to my house on a complaint a few years back saying my dog had tried to bite ( in a locked fence) the mail carrier and treated my wife like crap, as he was giving his lecture it came over his radio he was at the wrong house. No apology or anything, our first visit was to the Chief monday morning, found out we were not the first one’s to complain, finally he was fired for his attitude. GOOD RIDDENCE. If you are wronged hold their feet to the fire. Don’t give up. Go to the top the lower guys will just cover for their pals.

  • passinthru

    He appears to be just another “hockey-cockey” officer that thinks he’s god’s gift to women because he’s got a badge and a gun. Pretty blonde in a fancy car that didn’t play along, so he abuses his power. For the most part the troopers I know are stand up people and take pride in their job. It’s bad when one ruins the image of the good ones.

  • Wayne Stiles

    My only comment is that your story failed to indicate whether the female victim’s headlight was out or not. It could have been used as an excuse to pull her over. A related question: Did the trooper “hit on” the female victim? Further, I think your reporter should try to gain access to a personnel file to determine whether this is an isolated incident or whether the trooper likes to pull over good looking female motorists. This is a serious incident. If there was no probable cause than it smacks of false imprisonment which is a major crime in our society.

  • citizen pulled by Trooper Wyrick

    I drive a Lexus & have had two ocassions in which I have had to deal with Trooper Wyrick. One was while he was still employeed with the Pender County Sheriff’s Department. I was involved in a one car accident, which was my fault. He was very kind and considerate with me and with my family when they arrived at the scene. Not once was he rude or arrogant. The second ocassion was while he was an employ of the NCHP. This was several years later and he had no reason to remember me. He pulled me over for a traffic violation and when he saw my young child was upset and crying because he thought his mommy had to go to jail, Trooper Wyrick comforted him and assured him that his Mommy wasn’t going anywhere. Now in my eyes, a trooper that went out of his way to calm a child can’t be all that bad. We only heard one side of this story. I suspect there is more to it than Trooper Wyrick is just a mean man! Speaking from direct experience!! Just my opinion.

  • truthseeker

    SHP if any of this is proven to be fact which by all written accounts seems to be then you have no defense. You have a bad apple and your agency is full of disrespectful, overbearing, malicious so called enforcers of the law. SHP has proven time after time that this agency needs a complete redo. Politicians need to change the current statute that prevents an outside person taking over the agency. It is quite apparent that they are unable to police themselves. This agency has always been deeply rooted inside NC politics which prevents a outsider from taking this control away from politics. Therefore the SHP academy and the institution itself breeds more and more Patrolmen who abuse their authority. One of the comments was at a checkpoint where the writer states he was hollered at and told to shut up. This writer would get out, take a cell phone picture of the Patrolman and tell him he should shutup and he has no authority to tell a law abiding citizen anything. This type contact with overbearing Patrolman infuriates me and this behavoir should not be tolerated by anyone. Patrolman are charged to conduct themselves professionally and fairly. Facts indicate they constantly act unprofessionally and abuse their authority. Citizens we cannot continue to support a State agency whose members do not act correctly within the scope of their authority. Politicians I call upon you to bring in an outside professional Police Officer with no ties to State Politics or SHP and give this person the responsibility to correct the bad image and bad Patrolman who run rampant within this agency. Not all Patrolman are bad, some are very good and polite and professional. But the loose guns are going to bring the entire agency down. I call for current members to police themselves, they know who is overbearing and unprofessional.

  • venting

    What is with “Ms. Rich Wifey” Sounds like sterotyping to me!!!! Have something againist rich women? or maybe sucessful men? Doesn’t look like you are any better than either of them. Who are you to judge?

  • Guest0629

    Just because, I don’t believe that he would risk his career over doing something just to do it. Nice try though.

  • venting

    You must be a trooper to even consider saying such a thing.
    Professionalism gets you nowhere with these people. Trust me I know from experience!!!

  • venting

    Look they look after their own. I filed a complaint on another officer that broke the law in front of me and my teenage daughter and when I called him out on it, “he told me to shut up and no one would ever believe me” so forgive me if I think the whole SHP is a waste of our tax dollars–we pay them to ride around and break the laws they are supposed to uphold—-Talking on their cell phones, speeding, not wearing a seat belt, and I have even seen one leave a bar and drink and drive. They think they are untouchable. And considering the reponse I got from the complaint—They are

  • morelibertybells

    lawyers are always “leading attorneys” & “widely recognized”. Always remember that attorneys are the kings of kudos, & they will heap them upon themselves (otherwise they don’t make any money). This is also why so many politicians are lawyers, because they’re “widely recognized & leading”……..don’t believe the hype.

  • Pete

    Well, I for one am another example to prove you wrong. I was ARRESTED for possible DWI when pulled over for speeding. I blew 0.0 at the facility test. I passed the field sobriety test perfectly. The Trooper was being an absolut jerk to me and took everything I had to keep my mouth shut. I offered to take his field handheld test and that pissed him off that I was being ‘pushy’ so he cuffed me and brought me in.
    No charges filed, released within 30 min. But, I now had a car in impound and stuck at midnight in a town an hour from home.
    He knew what he was doing. He was inconveniencing me and pushing his weight around to prove his authority.

  • GuestFfhgf

    One very simple question. Why isn’t the Cruiser camera footage and police station cameras footage public knowledge? Why are these things kept secret from the public? Why isn’t ANY and EVERY on-duty police officers car footage public? Why is it when the offiecr seems to be at question, it takes weeks or months, if it ever comes out? Yet If the suspect is guilty we are provided the footage immediately?

    All on duty law enforcement should be required to wear an on-person camera and microphone at all times, that was publicly available for all to see if and when requested. For any and every situation. Up to one month from when the incident occurred. This would clear up all questions to 98% of all cases, and allow us to reward upstanding police officers worthy of our praise and of being financially rewarded for thier efforts , and IMMEDIATELY end the theory of the ‘Good ol boy’ network. We as a society pay law enforcement to do a job, why is it that how they act should be such a secret? Good cops should be rewarded, power abusing cops should be fired and prosecuted.

  • daniel

    Some of you just don’t understand. first, just because you blow .00 doesn’t mean your not impaired by another substance. If the Trooper thought she was on something else, then he has probable cause. I’m defending either. The Trooper has a hard job to do, and he is a HUMAN being like the rest of us. We all have those days. The “victims” should not have went media first. they should have filed a complaint, if nothing happend, then go up the chain and show some respect for the system and government. This is way over blown and should be handled internally. Let it play out and stop assuming that either are guilty of anything. These people have families and friends that read this.

  • GuestTfdes

    Why should the magistrate lose his/her job and be fired?

  • Guest28451

    There are bad apples in every bunch of cops be they local or state. Some guys are power tripping a-holes enough said. This guy is probably one of them. The problem is the cop picked the wrong person to mess with this time somebody who has a law degree as a witness to his actions and connections. I know some nice state troopers who are hard working guys and would never act this way. I also know some cops in Wrightsville Beach who are total power tripping buttheads and shouldnt be allowed a whistle let alone a gun and taser. I dont believe agencies as a whole should be painted with a broad brush because it implies everybody is guilty when it just isnt the case however in this case its probably true he acted improperly and likely is guilty of false arrest even abuse of power. The NCHP and most law enforcement have leeway in DWI because it is such a serious crime but to be beligerent and acting the way he did was incorrect. I also might add that this trooper obviously had it in his mind she was guilty once he claimed he smelled alchohol on her breath and she was within her rights to refuse the field test she however didnt refuse the breathalyzer as NC is like many other states as a refusal of that is basically an assumed presumption of guilt of the DWI in State Law. The fact is she never should have been taken to the NHCJ thats where this went way wrong. A Double 00 2x should have been an automatic release from custody as that corroberates her innocence. I dont see how she would be required to be taken to jail and released by the magistrate as no crime was committed therefore no appearance should have been required.

  • the truth

    I do not believe one word of this. By the way, Troopers can not be voted out of office, nice try, please bash again later.

  • alexbarrington

    i agree that laws should be followed… what disturbs me is the fact that the laws enforced by the highway patrol don’t apply to the highway patrol… if one is caught speeding, he or she flashes a badge and is extended “professional courtesy” im sorry, thats not just wrong, its immoral, illegal and worth of my contempt

  • Guest000100101

    just curious, thanks.

  • Guest54321

    That is a very serious allegation. But, as you know, anyone can claim anything on the Internet. If anyone witnessed what you described, you should come forward.

  • Guest54321

    Because he thought he could get away with it–and experience and the sordid history of the SHP were on his side in that regard. However, the trooper appears to have messed with the wrong couple, and he will now most likely pay a price for it.

  • Brian

    The attorney may have ‘credentials’, but to immediately go straight to the top (Perdue) before going through the proper chain of command shows a severe lack of professionalism that casts doubt on his claims.

  • george

    Right or wrong either of them we dont know for sure but they are laws that must be followed and they should be followed if not then it will come out ….and i cant believe so many people are ignorant enough to choose sides without the facts…but arent we all innocent til proven guilty,oh i forgot not any more in this country…

  • Guest99x

    With due respect, Sally, I feel that the Tesseners are doing the right thing!

    To continue your metaphor “two brats fighting in a sandbox” I’d be more inclined to say that Tesseners are standing up to a neighborhood bullying gangster.

    The real sad waste of resources was this trooper dragging Mrs. Tessener around on a goat-rope, diverting his time from his real duty of traffic enforcement. A citation for defective equipment would have been more than sufficient.

  • taxpayer & concern citizen


  • If,(and I stress the word if) the story the Tesseners are giving is correct, then I feel bad for them. They were treated poorly, and the trooper and magistrate involved need to lose their jobs and possibly have charges brought against them. If there is more to the story than this, then I would love to hear it. Depending on what more is said, I may or may not change my mind.
    As far as the other people making comments, I have something to say to you too.
    1.) Everyone makes a little typo now and then, but some of your comments are so poorly punctuated and the grammar is so horrible, it’s very hard to make out what you are trying to say.
    2.) News is anything worth talking about. YES, this story is news. Anything worth talking about is news. If you don’t want to read it or hear about it, step away.
    3.) As far as no one stepping forward with bad experiences about the trooper: That is not surprising given the guilty verdict most people have put on the Tesseners already. Who would believe anyone if the public doesn’t? Most officers stick together and defend each other to the bitter end. Maybe now some things will come out.

  • Tax paying citizen


  • Liberty Bell

    It amazes me to read the uninformed and ignorant comments of the people who side with the trooper. Before lambasting the lawyer, look up his credentials and accomplishments. I did, and he is widely recognized to be a leading attorney in NC. Of course, the ignoramuses will find fault with that because he is one of those (Heaven forbid!) “lawyers.”
    To the person who said that the bad cop was just doing his job: Are you kidding? Assume the facts are true–if you had been Gina Tessener that night, would you think he was “just doing his job?” Have you folks read about the widespread corruption and abuse in the NC State Highway Patrol? I guarantee that if this had happened to any of the trooper apologists or members of their families, they’d be singing a different tune.

  • Sally Jones

    We all make mistakes in life. All of us.
    None of us were there and know the entire story and it could very well be that both sides had their own faults…
    It agitates me the trooper could have perhaps been on a good ol boy power trip, but what aggravates me worse is someone using political/social status to try and hatefully destroy a person’s career/life.
    It is one thing to be embarrassed and feel punished for no reason, but it takes a truly hateful individual to pull out all stops just in order to cause direct harm in a form of retaliation to another AND redemption of saving face, person which is exactly what Mr atty is doing here…
    This trooper has potentially saved lives with the amount of DUI arrests he has made and is obviously good (albeit maybe too good) at his job.
    IF… IF he is guilty of being heavy-handed that evening then why isn’t Mr. attorney working with the highway patrol to see that this trooper gets job/anger relate counseling? Has the attorney never made mistakes in his life? Why the vengeance? Why TRY to destroy another person’s life? All the attorney is doing is proving what a mean spirited person he is.. This could have been handled in a private manner with IAF, with the same outcome and by going SO public with this all the attorney is doing is showing that HE is the one with anger issues, more so than the trooper… Anyone with an eye for an eye mentality is worthless scum in my book and in THE book, God tells us to love one another… I can’t find where is says “If thou art wronged, attack and destroy the other person who you hath think wronged you with a sword of vengeance.” SO Mr. Attorney, next time you are in church pretending to be the good soul as you heavily tithe, next time you are in court and you begin asking the law enforcement officer who arrested your client for a break and the LEO walks away from you, and when you walk down the sidewalk and get looks of disgust from the 50% that think you are a person filled with anger and hate for taking this as far as you are taking it and actually expending energy and resources to get someone else hurt instead of help…Look in the mirror and just ask yourself if that is what you really want your legacy to be.. If that is how you want your children to grow up an act…. Why don’t for once, instead of acting like a narcissist you actually be the better person and do what is morally and ethically right because IF the trooper is guilty of a power trip, all you and Ms rich wifey have done is joined him on a power trip of your own, with your tip being worse.. HE was trying to (again.. it could have been wrong) make an arrest for what he thought was something it obviously wasn’t. He embarrassed your wife, scared your children, and I am sure angered you.. All of which can be repaired… However.. YOU have publically attacked with malice, on a media, professional, and the highest political level in our state another person’s integrity, ethics, morals and professionalism WITH the intent of permanently destroying a person’s career… That sir.. makes you just as wrong if not more so than the trooper was and shows your state, that instead of being a kind, loving human being that you are just as mean, bitter and hateful as those you feel who have wronged you… It’d be nice to see you reverse course and be the better person in this case.. But It’s my opinion that your inflated ego would never allow for that to happen.. It would be nice to be wrong nut you have displayed your own hate and anger in an eye for an eye fashion that you are just as wrong as everyone else… I hope my children don’t grow up with hate and vengeance and anger in their hearts.. Both you and the trooper (if guilty) are poster kids for what I DON’T want my children to grow up to be.. Angry, Power trippin’ people…
    BOTH of you need to grow up and one of you I hope, comes out of this looking like the better man because you only appear to be two brats fighting in a sandbox and I would hope that it is only emotion driving your anger and that this is not who you truly are…
    There are instances… when it is better to think with your heart rather than your head…

  • Guest54321

    “Any lawyer worth his salt would know to file a formal complaint through SHP first and foremost”

    Yeah, because the SHP has such a stellar reputation and all. I mean who wouldn’t trust them to judge their own with the record they have acquired over the years?

  • Guest7969

    Your siding with SHP because of the letter structure? OBVIOUSLY…they DIDN’T let the innocent go…the lady blew a big fat ZERO…

    NO EXCUSE for this troopers behavior!

  • Guest54321

    Well, this one blew a 0.00 twice and he stated he smelled alcohol on her breath. The trooper is a liar and you are forced to smear the couple who are holding him accountable because you are unable to defend his actions.

  • venting

    If the media wasnt used–nothing would have been done about this–they are all in bed together—It is shame how our tax dollars pay their salary and they can’t give once ounce of respect…I had a run in with a state trooper at a road block recently and I wasn’t even driving and they treated me like I had just shot someone…I have never broken a law in my life, but I was treated like I was armed and dangerous. I think they do a tough job, but they should have other ways to channel their anger. I was told to Shut up, He was yelling at me and making comments completely uncalled for— Someone needs to come in and fire all of them and start with some fresh faces because they must be burnt out….and our safety is at risk. The time they spent on this lady and on the night when my car was pulled, they could have been out on the roads… not booking a sober person, head light is a ticket, not a trip to jail. Maybe this lawyer didnt go about the complaint in all the right ways, but I filed a complaint over a month ago and heard nothing– Mostly likely it went in the trash—-So I dont blame him, maybe I should do the same thing— These troopers need to be able to read people and apparently they are having problems or they just dont care….

  • AB

    Couple of things to add/reiterate:

    WWAY needs to get it together. I get its your job to present news in a way that will get you ratings but you’re impacting the lives and careers of so many people when you don’t tell the entire story. Not just with this story but with others, including myself as a stakeholder, you all twist the story and write things in a way that tends to make innocent people look bad. Just be impartial. Geez.

    Second… this ‘attorney’ is out of control. Apparently the SHP in New Hanover County is much more serious about potential violations involving alcohol and vehicles than what he’s used to. Does this attorney realize that so many DWI charges occur as a result of pulling people over for minor violations? I myself just got pulled over for a license plate frame and this same thing happened to me. Only I wasn’t silly enough to refuse the PBT or the field test. I passed both and was let go with a warning.

    Bottom line, this attorney and his wife are out of control… all because Wyrick was doing his job. Man up and get over it… or just stay away from southeast NC because what kind of car you drive, who you are, and what names you throw around don’t make a difference.

  • Guest0629

    Ok think about this for one second. Why would any officer arrest someone for DWI when there was no evidence of same. Better yet why would an officer risk his job just for one arrest that is based on a complete lie. I don’t think a seasoned officer would do this. There had to be something there for him to initiate the arrest. Oh wait I know this Trooper woke up that morning and said I want to get fired today. I will just go out and arrest someone completely innocent for no reason at all. I am sure I will lose my job then. Really, come on guys there is more to this than what is being told. And for those people so quick to point fingers and blame officers I say this, why don’t u go put on a bullet proof vest. Then go tell your family bye not knowing if you will ever see them again. And risk your life for complete strangers to keep them safe. Think about what our society would be like without officers out there doing there job. Personally I am grateful to each and everyone of them. Unless u are willing to step up to the task yourself don’t be so quick to judge. Just be thankful they are out there.

  • Brock

    Siding with the officers on this one. I read the letter and frankly I can’t beleive he’s a lawyer. Must not be a good one, reminds me of Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, he seems like he’s awful sue-ey.

    Any lawyer worth his salt would know to file a formal complaint through SHP first and foremost, this guy is playing the good old boy network and media instead. Choosing to take his justice through who he knows rather than proper protocol and procedure.

    Those guys DWI hunt all night long in Eastwood / Wrightsville. They let the innocent go, experienced that plenty of time.

  • Guest54321

    I bet you would be singing a different tune if you or someone you loved would have been subjected to this type of treatment. LEO’s are invested by the state with a great deal of power and discretionary authority. This man appears to have abused both. What recourse do you think the attorney and his wife should have sought? And what about the trooper? Don’t you think if he gets away with this type of behavior he will be emboldened to go further next time? I think you really need to think about the ramifications about what you suggest here.

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