ONLY ON 3: Mistake means more work on Village Rd. in Leland


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Construction and traffic have plagued Village Road in Leland for months. Now there’s yet another issue in the road work as crews take away something they just installed.

A hiccup in the Village Road improvements meant more construction for the area Tuesday.

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“About 75 feet in front of the McDonald’s that the contractor had put in that did not line up with the monolithic island on the east side or the west side so we asked the contractor to take that piece of monolithic island back out,” NCDOT Resident Engineer Kerry Cross said.

The DOT says it is still trying to figure out who made the error that led crews to tear out part of a median they’d just built. If it was the contractor’s fault, he will pay for the cost of the work.

In the meantime it is the drivers of Leland that are paying the price in the form of travel delays.

“I’ve watched them put this median down. It hasn’t even been down for a month, and they are already taking it back up,” Pat Long of Leland said. “If we’re paying for this, I’d like to know how much it’s costing, and I’d like to know where the money is coming from. This is ridiculous. We can’t even get through to the businesses we want to go to.”

“this is a federally-funded project, and everything that we have here is taxpayers money,” Cross said.

It is all part of a $5.7 million contract to ease traffic from west of South Navassa Road to ramps at US 17.

All the construction in off Village Road is leading to even more frustration from residents as drivers grow tired of the situation.

“(I’ve) been here for 25-30 years,” Arnold Wychel of Leland said. “it’s been very frustrating. I’d call it kind of a joke as far as construction’s concerned. I’m sure the contractor’s embarrassed.”

“Why are they wasting their time and our time?” Long asked. “I don’t get it.”

Between construction and traffic at the bypass, these roads continue to be a nightmare.

“We see these orange and white cones in the street, and you dream about them at night,” Wychel said. “It’s not good.”

“We realize that as it’s coming to a close that people are getting a little frustrated with the construction, so we are hoping that we can finish this up just as soon as possible,” Cross said.

Cross says it will probably cost about $2,000 to remove and replace the median.

The full project along Village Road is still a ways from completion. The DOT says construction may be done by September.