NC Senate considers overrides as session resumes


    RALEIGH NC (AP) — The North Carolina General Assembly is cranking up again to draw new political boundaries for the next decade, but the Senate is focusing first on Gov. Bev Perdue’s recent vetoes.

    The Legislature resumes its annual session at midday Wednesday after nearly a month away from Raleigh. Its primary goal is to redraw district lines for their own seats and for the US House by July 28.

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    Senators were expected Wednesday to hold at least three veto override votes on measures blocked by Perdue, but no final actions can occur because the House won’t vote until later.

    Voting rights groups scheduled a morning rally opposing a voter ID bill that Perdue vetoed. Pat McCrory, the 2008 gubernatorial candidate, recorded phone calls urging activists to attend another rally to support veto overrides.

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