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RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — The North Carolina Highway Patrol said Wednesday that one of two troopers involved in an incident with the wife of a Raleigh attorney has been given a four-day suspension without pay as punishment.

Trooper Andrew Smith will begin serving the suspension immediately.

The suspension comes after an internal investigation concluded Smith’s behavior was unprofessional and violated the Highway Patrol’s conduct policy.

The investigation came after the Highway Patrol received a letter of complaint from Hoyt Tessener, a Raleigh lawyer, alleging misconduct by Trooper Edward Wyrick during a traffic stop of his wife, Gina Tessener.

The Tesseners said Wyrick was bullying and overly aggressive.

During their investigation, the Highway Patrol released text messages exchanged between Trooper Smith and Trooper Wyrick in reference to pulling over Gina Tessener.

The Tesseners, who are from Raleigh, were in Wilmington on June 22 attending an event. Hoyt was following his wife in a separate car when she was pulled over by Wyrick.

Trooper Wyrick says he stopped Gina for a broken headlight, however, smelled alcohol on her and asked her to complete a field sobriety test, but she refused.

“This woman refused all roadside testing, and blew .00,” Wyrick wrote in a text to Smith. “Her husband is a trial lawyer and told me I should be ashamed of myself.”

Smith responded: “Hahahaha f— her and f— him. She say how much she’d had to drink?”

“She said 1 drink at 7pm,” Wyrick wrote back.

“F— her,” Smith responded.

After reviewing the case, the Highway Patrol said Trooper Wyrick was justified in pulling over Gina Tessener and had probable cause for a DWI arrest.


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  • Guest461

    …that you have full control of your faculties by any sense of the imagination. It only proves you were able to progress through a series of tests and is only the most basic indicator of intelligence. The are far too many lawyers, doctors and engineers that would be much better off as plumbers and trash collectors!

    We have a society of “production education” where they flush students through college like a Chinese toy factory production line with the only Quality Control being a test paper where no “inherent talent” requirements exist. Most would fail basic geography, history and certainly english questions. Leno has proven this many times!

    Just take a look at our leaders…Edwards, Clinton, Blagoeabitch, etc. There is an endless list of perfectly ignorant, highy educated individuals. Why would we expect any different from a couple of buzz-headed, big shot NCSHP troopers on a power trip?

  • GuestLee

    Well said. I couldn’t agree more!

  • Guest 2012

    It is puzzling to me that educated people have to use profanity. Many times I have asked users of profanity how much education they have. I don’t try to make them feel foolish. They do that to themselves. I do wonder why so many people in public life feel that they have to use vulgarity.

    SHP troopers, and all public servants, should set an example for us citizens. I can’t understand why it is necessary to use the “F” word. Anyone who has completed grade school has a decent enough vocabulary to eliminate the four-letter words. When I hear this type talk, it tells me a lot about the public official, or anyone else for that matter.

    I hope that this trooper, and other officers, realize that they are held to that higher standard. Set me an example, Sir!


    I can promise one thing if either of these troopers stop me I will call 911 to have a witness. Trooper Smith made it clear they are in competition to see who can get the most tickets or arrest. Well they are certainly pushing the letter of the law with intimidation and with nothing really happening to either one that just tells them go harass the public. It’s very sad that our Govenor has no balls to stand up for the public and say enough is enough! These troopers should be fired immediately. They really give the good officers an BAD name and it makes the public not trust the police. The way to respect is you give it you get it back! Clearly these officers have NO RESPECT for the public!

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