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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Though the weather has cooled off a bit from Wednesday evening’s thunderstorms, it was preceded by record temperatures in the triple digits. The Dixie Youth Softball Tournament started this Saturday in Wilmington. Players keeping active in this horrible heat say its just part of the game.

“Normally it’s not this hot outside,” said Kelsey Sanders, a softball player from Leland. “You can’t complain about how hot it is. You just have to go for it.”

Playing and even watching in the extreme heat can be dangerous. One parent had to go to the hospital after a bout with heat exhaustion.

“My main thing is just taking in more fluids and I hadn’t been doing that out here,” said Veronica Howard, who went to the hospital Tuesday from heat exhaustion. “I was just running with the girls and just not taking care of what i needed to take care of.”

Players tried to keep as cool as possible, but some say that was hard to do.

“There was no shade at all,” said Sanders. “We tried to find shade everywhere, but it was no where.”

In this time, it’s critical to stay hydrated.

“We try to pump fluids into girls, encourage coaches to pump fluids into girls all day long prior to coming out to the ball park because dehydration goes out faster than you can put it in,” said Ron Hudson, the Dixie Softball state director.

Several girls were given towels to try and stay cool.

“Everybody has frog togs, which is the towel that keeps you nice and cold, but that is the only thing we really have to help,” said Sanders.

Though temperatures soared into the triple digits Wednesday, they quickly dropped as a storm rolled in over the softball fields.

“Well this is mother nature’s cure for a heat wave,” said Jim Henley, a spectator. “A quick thunderstorm- I bet the temperature just dropped twenty degrees in last thirty minutes.”


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