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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — They’re not exactly the most inconspicuous of animals, but someone has stolen two large tortoises from a Wilmington reptile exhibit.

Dean Ripa, owner of the Cape Fear Serpentarium, says someone stole his prized tortoises from the front of his business downtown more than two weeks ago.

The Serpentarium is not only putting up a reward for information that can help bring back the tortoises, but Ripa says if the reptiles are safely returned he will not press any charges.

“We do want to get them back, and if you’re out there and you’re watching this and you’re the ones who took them, bring them back. I won’t press charges. Just bring them back. Put them right where you got them, and we’ll forget the whole thing,” Ripa said.

Anyone with information can call Wilmington Police or the Cape Fear Serpentarium.


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