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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — One Brunswick County woman will soon be able to sleep easier at night. She ordered a Contour Adjustable Bed last month, but when she tried to return it, she ran into some problems. So she contacted TROUBLESHOOTERS for help.

“I’m afraid to go to sleep in it at night,” Delores Oldham said of the bed.

Oldham ordered a Contour Adjustable Bed and regretted it immediately.

“It was so hard, and I did not like it,” she said. “It was awful. There’s no support, and I felt like I was rolling off the bed. I really did. It was awful.”

Oldham ordered the bed last month. A Contour Adjustable Beds salesman stopped by her home June 15. After first quoting her $5,000, he dropped the price to $3,100.

“They said if you didn’t take it that day they wouldn’t offer you that price again,” Oldham said. “I kept saying, ‘No, no.’ He offered me all kind of things. He offered me the warmer for the bed, the massager.”

The bed arrived June 20. The next morning, she knew this wasn’t the bed for her.

“When I called them on the 21st, I told them to come get the bed,” Oldham said. “On the paper that I have they said I had until the 22nd, but on the 21st they said my time had run out.”

We called Contour Adjustable Beds. We spoke with Diane Peltzer, who doesn’t know why someone told Oldham it was too late to cancel, especially because June 22 is what’s written on the contract.

And even though Oldham did not follow procedure and return her cancellation in writing, like it clearly states on the contract, the company will take back the bed and refund her money.

Peltzer says this is not the first time Oldham has cancelled an order. Their records show she ordered two twin beds in 2000, but then cancelled them, in writing, within the five-day time period. That comes as news to Oldham. She says she has never ordered from this company before.


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